Why I am NOT BUYING Galaxy Note 9! [DO NOT BUY REVIEW]


This year, I’ve decided not to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, here’s my Top 5 reasons why.

Minor Upgrade from Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note 9 visually is not too different from last year’s Galaxy Note 8.  In terms of design, it is nearly identical except for new fingerprint position.  Most of upgrades we have seen with Galaxy S9 earlier this year, it pretty much has the same camera(other than gimmicky AI features) along with the same Snapdragon 845/Exynos 9810 processor.  I feel like every year we get the Galaxy Note 6 months AFTER their real flagship launches.  I mean, the Galaxy Note series always launch with the same processor as the Galaxy S series that launched 6 months earlier.  In terms of performance, that means your phone will be outdated already in 6 months when Galaxy S10 comes out.  I think Samsung should either launch the Note series a bit later with upgrade processor or simply launch right after the S series.   For most Note 8 users, it is not a huge upgrade.

Not using S-Pen Much These Days

Galaxy Note 9’s S-Pen is its major feature.  However, I find myself using it less and less these days and would rather have a phone that maximizes size and weight over the S-Pen.  New bluetooth S-Pen features are great but if you don’t use the S-Pen much, there is no need to pay extra for it, just grab the S9+ which has all of the same features but lighter and smaller.

Bigger-size phone

Again, although Galaxy Note 9 now has the biggest battery ever, it is now thicker and slightly heavier than the Galaxy Note 8.  I tend to prefer using my OnePlus 6 these days for that reason, it has the biggest screen while it’s slimmer/thinner than any other flagship on the market.  I feel like Samsung should make two different models of the Note, perhaps one very slim and the other not as slim.  Or perhaps make two different sizes of the Note series, one smaller for small hands and one bigger for large hands.

Locked bootloader

Starting with the Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, Samsung has started blocking bootloaders on their U.S. Snapdragon models while their Chinese Snapdragon models have unlocked bootloader.  Unlocking bootloader is one of basic features of Google Android and I am sick and tired of Samsung deciding that for the consumer when it should be consumer’s decision to unlock the bootloader.  And for people who don’t root their phones, you can still keep the bootloader locked on phones that have unlocked bootloaders.  Give the consumers the choice but do not lock bootloader permanently as it is an integral feature of original Google Android OS.

Price is Too Damn High

With starting retail price of $1000 USD, the Galaxy Note 9 is way overpriced, especially considering it launches with a processor that’s been out for over 6 months!  The profit margin on the Note is probably twice higher since processor prices drop drastically throughout the year.  While consumers are buying 6 month old processor on the Note series, Samsung is profiting a ton more and I think price shouldn’t be higher than the S9+.


While I have loved Samsung products in the past, I think reviewers/YouTubers need to start thinking more critically so consumers are able to get a better phone at better prices.  Maybe due to popularity Samsung thinks it can just do whatever it wants but heck, I don’t care if I am the only person complaining, if no one complains, nothing will change.  Samsung, please listen to your core customers including myself and I will one day forgive you.  Until then, good bye, I am NOT buying Galaxy Note 9 this year.

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