Why You Should Choose Android Over iPhone/iOS!

Here’s why Android is better than iPhone/iOS!

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  1. ASim says:

    SALUTE to you … very good video – loved it xD

  2. mik says:

    I know the minix story …why u waste peoples time just keep talking and shit…..I wanted to hear about android

  3. NrhTX says:

    Beautifully SAID.

  4. SkwieraPL says:

    Another great video. You`re 100% right. I`ve got one question OT…why you haven`t built and spread your own ROM? I`m visiting your sites every day and it`s obvious that you`ve got great knowledge and experience with android. Try! And email me whe u do!

  5. Jeff says:

    So you don’t care how much money people make but you admire Torvalds because he didn’t make money and you don’t give a sh!t about Apple because they’re greedy.


  6. Jeff says:

    Oh, and Android is only as open as the carriers and manufacturers allow it to be. 95% of users don’t know how or don’t want to root and install ROMs. I tried Android for a year and didn’t care for it. I rooted and tried some of the things that made Android more desirable.

    For the typical end user, iOS is just as open as Android.

    I also love how you say you don’t hate Apple or Steve Jobs but then say that Apple sucks. And how is Apple making money bad for education? Especially since Apple donates computers to schools all the time. And I guarantee you that the carriers and OEMs are making money on Android, so don’t think it’s that different.

    I have no beef with Android. It’s a great OS with many desirable features. I also don’t hate it or think it sucks.

  7. Hk says:

    Good video straight to the point and not scared to say what you believe in. Usually for these kind of comparisons i always find i get a beat around the bush answers and at the end it leaves you sitting in the middle again.


  8. mostafa says:

    i want this video.
    plz somebody send me the download link of this video.

    thank u so mush

  9. mostafa says:

    hi plz send mi the download link of this video

    thank u

  10. Eric Cochran says:

    I would also really like to get this video for a friend. Did anybody ever find it?

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