Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha – DO NOT BUY!

In today’s video, I talk about Top 5 reasons why you should not buy the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha smartphone due to its fragile and inefficient all-glass design. Price is also too damn high!

Transcript of the video:

Before I begin, I want you guys who are new to my channel that I am an avid fan of Xiaomi smartphones and I love my Xiaomi Mi 9, which I actually modified to be much faster in performance than any other Android smartphone on the market running Snapdragon 855, you can check that video out after this if you want. With that said, I highly believe the new Xiaomi MiMixAlpha is all for show, you should not buy it.

Xiaomi MiMixAlpha is fragile. It has too much display, there’s no bezels. This phone will instantly crack if you drop it even 1 foot on concrete. Since the whole display is essentially one whole connected display, a crack on one side may mean cracking of the whole display. It’s simply an impractical phone. Plus, most of the side of the display won’t be usable fully since you will be holding the phone over the display on the sides.
It looks like a giant brick, in fact it is just a giant brick and thick like a thicc doggo. Due to the screen wrapping around the sides, Xiaomi had no choice but to make it super thick. This won’t fit well in your pockets. In fact, the MiMixAlpha deserves “thickest smartphone of the year award.”
The side screens are pretty much useless. Xiaomi is spending way too much money implementing this useless side screens. Instead, they should stick with traditional buttons, which will also allow them to make the phone much much thinner at fractions of the price.
The rear display is also useless, it’s not even a full screen for godsakes, the bar of cameras block near the middle of the display. This is a horrible design that gives no attention to users’s usability. In fact, the only thing rear display is useful at is using the rear display for selfies. I bet you a $100 you will never use the rear display other than for selfies. Instead they should have put a small screen dedicated for selfies.
Price is $2800, that’s ridiculous price on a smartphone that is fragile, thick, heavy, and comes with features that are simply not practical for our human lives.

What should have Xiaomi done instead?

Instead of trying to get rid of bezels and faking it with screens wrapping around the phone, they should make a phone with minimal bezels and keep the phone super thin. This would also make the phone much lighter, thinner, and most importantly, more durable.

Instead of the screen on the back, put a tiny screen on the back dedicated for selfies. That would make the MiMixAlpha more practical, realistic, and at a price that most of us can afford. I bet you can make such a device with exact same features without the gimmicky display for under $800.

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