Pixel 4 Astrophotography Mode Review! – [Part 1]

The other night, I got to try the Pixel 4 Astro Photography mode for the first time.  As a person who has been taking photos of stars already using manual mode on LG smartphones, the new Astro Photography mode on Pixel 4 proved to be a great way for regular Joes to be able to take photos of stars without fiddling with camera settings.  While it takes me at least 10-20 minutes to setup the manual mode on smartphone cameras to do astrophotography, Pixel 4 allows any user to take photos of stars easily simply by pressing the shutter button.

Of course, you will also need to make sure your Pixel 4 smartphone is absolutely still by putting it on a tripod or some kind of mounting device.  To activate astrophotography mode, simply put your Pixel 4 into “Night Shot” mode and it will activate.  Make sure to point your camera away from city lights and point it towards stars.

Overall, the new Astro Photography mode is pretty awesome as it will take up to 4 minutes to give you perfectly stitched star photos.  Of course, this isn’t perfect yet as there are a lot of processing including overly-sharp processing that you may not want for something like a timelapse.  Pixel 4 does offer full RAW files of the processed/stitched photos, so that should allow advanced users to process their own photos easily which is going to be my part 2 review of the Pixel 4 Astrophotography mode.  But yes, Pixel 4 definitely has the best start photos that I have seen with the least amount of work(just put on tripod and hit the shutter button).   If you like going camping or you love taking photos of the stars, Pixel 4 is definitely the #1 choice.

Of course, you can still shoot some fine star photos on ANY Android smartphone that has manual mode and long exposure(20-30secs), check out my universal tutorial here:

And also my 4K timelapse I made with LG V40 here:

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