LG V60 ThinQ Dual Screen Unboxing! – Phone of the Year?


Here’s unboxing of the LG V60 ThinQ with dual screen, phone of the year?

While this is my second time with the LG V60 ThinQ dual screen, in the last 3 days of testing, I found the larger 6.8 inch screen to be very optimal, especially when using with dual screens.  The LG G8X dual screen was interesting but I never ended up using it too much as I found typing on portrait mode very hard to do as the hinge of the dual screen took up a big part of the left screen.  However with the LG V60 dual screen setup, I am able to type normally and fast in portrait mode perhaps due to the larger overall screen size.

Besides that having two super-large 6.8-inch dual screens really helps you enjoy the dual screen experience much more than on a smaller display setup like on G8X.  LG if offering their latest flagship LG V60 along with dual screen for retail of $949, you get two huge screens for less than price of one Samsung Galaxy S20.  While Samsung is focused on building the latest foldable phones and they are certainly a novelty, LG V60 is definitely more practical and you can actually buy one without spending more.

This is definitely my pick of 2020 for best Android smartphone of the year in terms of features and price.  I should have a full review of LG V60 and comparison videos versus the Samsung S20 Plus/Ultra.  Stay HIGH on Android folks!

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