Convert your OnePlus 6 into Pixel 3! [Pixel Experience ROM]

Convert your OnePlus 6 into a full-fledge Pixel 3 with the Pixel Experience ROM along with Pixel 3 Camera.  Thanks to the Pixel Experience Team, now you can get pretty much all of the Pixel 3 features right on your OnePlus 6.

Why would I want to convert my OnePlus 6 into a Pixel 3?

Well, this isn’t for everyone but for those of you who want to try all of the new Pixel 3 software features on your OnePlus 6.  Perhaps you wanted to buy the Pixel 3 but you already have OnePlus 6, then this could be a great way to experience Pixel 3 at the half the cost.  With the Pixel Experience ROM running on your OnePlus 6, your OnePlus 6 is essentially better than the Pixel 3 XL(since size is more comparable than smaller Pixel 3).  Not only that, with the 8GB model, your OnePlus 6 will run faster with more RAM, and with dual SIM abilities that still work, which essentially makes it better than a real Pixel 3 XL.

Best of all, you don’t lose any of your OnePlus 6 features including custom gestures, custom slider control, and you will find all of your OnePlus 6 settings under Settings->System->Advanced->OnePlus Settings.  For camera, you can still use the native OnePlus 6 camera with everything working except slow motion mode.  Also you can grab the Pixel 3 camera APK for the OnePlus 6, which gives you much better HDR and low-light photos than the OnePlus 6 camera.  With 2 cameras to work with, this killer combo makes it better than a real Pixel 3XL.

Other than mentioned problems, everything else works including 4G LTE, voice calls, bluetooth, GPS, screen brightness, etc…etc…  Performance is about the same as stock OxygenOS ROM(around 285,000 on Antutu benchmarks) and battery life is also very good.   While this is still work in progress and a few things like call screening does not work yet, you will be able to experience most of the new Pixel 3 software features right on your OnePlus 6.  Now, installation is not easy but it is definitely do-able if you follow our tutorial, see How to Install Pixel Experience ROM on OnePlus 6 and you should be able to install it in about 20-30 minutes.

If you do have a OnePlus 6, definitely try this out and let us know what you think, you can always get fast help from our new forum.

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