Droid Bionic vs. Droid Razr! [FIGHT]

For those of you speculating between the new Droid Bionic and Droid Razr, here’s some insights into differences.

The Droid Bionic is about the same size (width and height) as the Droid Razr while the Droid Razr touts the world’s thinnest smartphone title at 7.1mm depth.  In reality, the Droid Razr is about half the size in depth.  That’s probably one thing Droid Razr stands out, thinness and design.

Of course, design isn’t everything, features must also back it up.  The Droid Razr comes with a dual-core 1.2Ghz processor while the Droid Bionic at dual-core 1Ghz processor.  For an average smartphone user, the difference isn’t actually much to notice for using 99% of apps, both Droid Bionic and Razr have plenty power to process things very quickly.

The one feature you should really think about is battery life.  The Droid Razr doesn’t come with a removable back cover as the Droid Bionic does.  Sadly, the Droid Razr doesn’t have the greatest battery life in the world, perhaps average.

With a Droid Razr, you will likely have to re-charge the phone at least once a day, meaning if you are not near a charging station, you will want to carry a portable USB charger with you. (If you can do that, Droid Razr is actually not that bad, see portable USB chargers here.)

On the other hand, the Droid Bionic comes with a replaceable back-cover and also option for you to get the extended battery, which I am using now and get full 2.5 days while using the phone all day long.  It makes my phone a bit humongous but I don’t mind it when I don’t have to worry about losing power in the middle of my important e-mails/calls plus it’s so thick it might even stop bullets.

Other than that, the Droid Razr has an edge on the Droid Bionic with features like image stabilization on photos/videos, meaning you will get much better photos/videos on handheld footage.  Also the Razr does comes with 720P at 120fps, which allows you to capture motion hardcore, more frames than any other smartphone on market right now.

As far as displays go, the Droid Razr and Droid Bionic are very similar.

4G LTE on both Droid Razr and Bionic are simply awesome granted that you have grandfathered unlimited plan (and you can get free wifi tethering on both by rooting).  If you don’t have a grandfathered unlimited plan, 4G LTE is pretty much useless as you will watch 2 Netflix movies and go over the limit within hours. (I would switch to Sprint if that’s the case.)

So, it really boils down to what you are going to use the phone for.  If you need a smartphone for mostly business and work, get the Droid Bionic with extended battery.  If you need a phone mostly for pleasure and showing off to your friends, get the Droid Razr.

Personally, I have both and I carry the Droid Razr for when out go out to the nightclubs as the phone doesn’t weigh me down while groovin’ but the Droid Bionic is great for tethering when I am traveling on business.


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