Galaxy Note 5 4K Cinematic Video Test!


So, I took my Galaxy Note 5 and my new Edelkrone Slider Plus to test out the full 4K abilities of my new phone. Overall, I am pretty satisfied but there are moments where the Note 5’s auto mode changed the exposure during sliding shots. I feel like there should be manual control to the video recording mode, which could give the camera much more control and end up with better quality videos.

On the plus side, the Note 5’s auto focus did really well. I did use manual focus initially but the auto focus did an excellent job in bright sunlight.  I find that the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) can actually hinder your videos when using tripod and sliders as it tries to correct already stabilized video.  If Samsung can make an option to turn it off, it should make videos better when using stabilizers.

Also, if you are watching the YouTube version, you will notice the quality gets much worse due to YouTube compressing the video, especially the wave shots. You can download the super large original version of the video here. (Warning: it’s 1.9GB but should be no problem if you have internet in your home.)

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Max Lee

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