Galaxy Note 7 Cases! [CruzerLite]


It’s been almost 5 years since I broke the screen on my Galaxy S3.  Ever since then, I have used a case on all of my smartphones and have never cracked the screen.  Well, a few weeks back I forgot to put the case back on while using my Honor 8 and dropped it.  Even though it was a very small 6-inch drop, it fell face down into one of stones in my backyard, causing the screen to crack.

Now, I will probably never make that mistake again and if you want to avoid making same mistakes as I did, I highly recommend you to use a case.  For the Galaxy Note 7 (or any smartphones), one of the best cases (that are also affordable) to use for screen and overall protection is the CruzerLite cases.  Especially for the Note 7, CruzerLite cases feature a lip that’s thicker than most cases out there thus protecting your screen when you drop it face-down.

It’s not the most rugged case out there but for the price, you can’t beat it.  Check out some of our older drop test videos we did with CruzerLite cases.

You can get CruzerLite cases on Amazon here. (They also sell for many other phone models so just do a search on Amazon with “Cruzerlite” keyword.)

Also check out VRS Design cases for Note  7 here.


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