Galaxy Note 7 Cases!


If you want to protect your brand, new Galaxy Note 7, you may want to consider getting a nice case for it.  VRS Design sent us some cases and here’s a quick look.

First, I really dig their Note 7 Crystal Bumper cases, which feature transparent back with nice transparent bumper.  I use this primarily as my daily driver on my S7 Edge for many months and it has protected my phone many times from drops.


All VRS Design cases now feature a kickstand, which has a built-in spring and magnet to keep it snappy and hold it in its place.


You can place the phone landscape or in upright mode with the new kickstand.


Next, Duo Guard is also a very nice case with lots of different colors to choose from.  I got the blue one which complements my Blue Coral Note 7 very well.  This case is made up of TPU innards with hard plastic back for ultimate 2-layer protection.  I would highly recommend this for anyone who needs some extra protection.


The cutouts for camera and back is also very deep, you will never ever break your camera or even scratch the back of your phone ever.


The Note 7 High Pro Shield cases are also nice with pretty tough TPU innards and hard plastic lining.  And yes, VRS Design has upgraded this case also with a kickstand.  They do have different colors for this case and you can match it with the color of your Note 7.


If you want to ditch your wallet for good and use Samsung Pay, you may want to consider the Damba Glide series.  It has a built-in spring-action for smooth glide action with a slot to put in your credit cards.  Not my favorite but some of you may love this case.



Lastly but not least, Crystal Mixx is a very thin, transparent case for your Galaxy Note 7.  This is probably the thinnest Note 7 case that also is transparent and comes with a kickstand.


Overall, VRS Design cases for the Galaxy Note 7 are top-notch and we highly recommend you to check them out.

You can get these Note 7 cases at



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