Galaxy Note 7 S-Pen Translate HANDS-On Demo and GIVEAWAY!


For those of you who need the best and latest language translation tool while using your smartphone, you may benefit from getting the all-new Samsung Galaxy Note 7.  Or also you can install a custom ROM on your older Note smartphones to get the same feature.

The Galaxy Note 7 features an easy-to-use translate tool which allows you to translate any word on the screen of your phone (so long as they are in text).  This may seem like it’s not a big deal but for those of you who are trying to learn another language or living in a country where you are trying to learn a new language, it can be very useful.

While Google Chrome browser does translate any web page, it’s not very useful for actually translating word-for-word.  With Note 7’s S-Pen translation feature, it’s easy to simply hover over the words you don’t know and have it translate it real-time.  You can also tap on the translated word, which will give you the actual Google translate page with additional information such as different translations of the word.

As a person who has learned English as second language, I can’t tell  you how useful this is when learning a new language.  And if you don’t have a Note 7 yet but have a Note 5, you can follow our tutorial on Galaxy Note 7 Conversion for Note 5.

We have also teamed up with SlickWraps and our YouTuber friends to give out a brand, new Galaxy Note 7 and OnePlus 3, CLICK HERE to sign up!  Winners announced on August 19th Noon Pacific Standard Time.

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