Galaxy Note 7 Underwater Test! – Will It Survive?


In our latest underwater test, we took the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 through various underwater tests including unlocking phone, using IRIS underwater, browsing the web, typing underwater, watching YouTube videos under water, playing games, recording videos underwater, taking selfies underwater, and using different apps underwater.  The result was pretty amazing.

Without a doubt, Galaxy Note 7 may be the best companion to anyone who uses their phone in water often such as swimmers.  I can recall a few months ago where I used my Galaxy S7 Edge in the swimming pool.  I was trying to respond back to an emergency situation while I was in the swimming pool.  Although I was able to type with my phone wet, there were times drops of water interfered with my typing.  Well, with the Note 7, you can just type underwater with the S-Pen without having those type of issues.

It may be far-fetched for some who don’t go in the water often but for swimmers like myself, this is going to be neat feature to be able to use the phone fully underwater.

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Max Lee

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