Galaxy Note 8 vs. OnePlus 5T – Which One Has Better/Faster Facial Recognition?

In this test, we take up the Galaxy Note 8 vs. OnePlus 5T to find out which has better/faster facial recognition.   We do a test with some eyeglasses, dark sunglasses, and even wild surfer-dude hair style to see how well facial recognition works on both phones.

Overall, OnePlus 5T wins in overall speed as unlocking speed was nearly “instant” while the Galaxy Note 8 lagged by about 1-2ms.   But do note that the Note 8 works in more situations as it works with wild hairstyle and both phones DO NOT work with dark sunglasses.   I do not think speed is an issue when it comes to using either Galaxy Note 8 or OnePlus 5T.  Although Note 8 is slightly slower, it is not going to affect your daily usage unless 1-2ms delay is something that will annoy you.

Also, both phones cannot be unlocked using selfie photos.  Although secure for most people, I would not recommend using this unlock method for high-level security stuff such as you work for CIA or FBI.

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Max Lee

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