Galaxy Note Unboxing!

After trying the original Galaxy S2 back over in South Korea about a week back, I decided to purchase the unlocked Galaxy Note on Amazon. I was really sold on the product that you can take notes and the screen is big. Since I already have AT&T SIM card, it would work better for me to get the unlocked version, plus I can use it freely whenever I go overseas. (The AT&&T Galaxy Note will come locked and subsidized.)

Is the future here? Yes, I think Galaxy Note will be the next big hit from Samsung besides the Galaxy Nexus. I will also have unboxing of Galaxy Note soon.

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  1. J.J. says:

    Hello. I am sorry 4 bothering u but I enjoyed ur review on the galaxy note. I am currently connencted 2 verizon. I really do like the G.N.. My questoin is. If i purchase the unlocked euro g.note, will it wrk on the verizon netwrk? Please let me knw. Thank u.

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