Galaxy S3 1080P Video Test in Complete Dark – Opulent Massive 2012 Treasure Island

Galaxy S3 probably has the best camcorder out of every smartphone on the market today. Here’s a full 1080P video test in complete darkness at a local Dubstep concert, Opulent Massive 2012 in Treasure Island, San Francisco, California.

One of the neat features of Galaxy S3 is the ability to record fairly well (and better than all phones I’ve tested) in complete darkness. This footage might not look “the best” but consider the last time you took your smartphone to a concert, I bet it didn’t turn out as well as this one.

As for audio quality, it’s actually pretty good when you consider there was so much bass at the concert.

And I did also take some videos with my Evo 4G LTE at the concert, which were unusable as the focus in dark was fluctuating too much, causing too many blurry videos. With the Galaxy S3’s manual focus, that problem doesn’t happen.

Galaxy S3’s 1080P video is still nowhere near my point-and-shoot Canon ELPH300HS but still, I give it 5 stars for taking some awesome videos in total darkness better than any other smartphone in the world.

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  1. Deepak Janardhan says:

    Hi Max,

    Your comparison of the “HTC One X” and the “Samsung Galaxy S3” is comprehensive and you provided me all the information that I would expect during a demo from a store representative. I plan to buy the Samsung Galaxy S3. However, can you tell me if there exists an application to overcome the drawback of scattered photos in the gallery due to the continuous shooting mode.

    Deepak Janardhan

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