After having the Galaxy S4 for over a week now and HTC One for just over a day, I do have to admit the HTC One has a “premium” build, specifically a uni-body aluminum casing that does give it more weight and solidarity.

However, I do think “feel” is completely different from “build”, and to me personally, I think the Galaxy S4 “feels” more comfortable to hold than the HTC One due to its smooth edges.  In general, I do believe phones with rounded edges are more comfortable to hold than with sharp edges.

That’s how “I” feel and I do usually like things that are comfortable.  I own an SUV with comfy seats, an anti-gravity chair, comfy sofa, and even wear pajamas with flip-flops to work everyday high as hell on Android.

Of course, everyone has their own tastes but I thought it would be fun to have someone else “feel” the two phones blinded-folded.   I grabbed a 5 year old kid to do this specific test since kids in general are honest about their thoughts, not easily swayed by reviews they (don’t) read/watch online.

Disclosure: The 5-year old kid in the video has never held/touched a Galaxy S4/HTC One before this video.

Overall, my 5-year old test subject did seem to agree with my initial thoughts and you can see that for most average consumers, a comfortable “feel” might be more important than having more solid materials used on a smartphone.  I know, a 5-year old kid may not be your average consumer but then again, a 5-year old kid may be a lot closer to your average consumer than techies like myself who are literally swimmin’ with phones all day long.

If you do have the opportunity to do a “feel” test with your kids on the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, don’t forget to post your results below!

P.S. My favorite phone is still Note 2.  Why?  Both Galaxy S4 and HTC One are not big enough for me in screen size/battery life, once you go big, you can’t go back.

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Max Lee

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