Galaxy S4 vs. Note 2 vs. Nexus 4 vs. iPhone Microscope Screen Comparison!

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For those of you wondering about the new AMOLED 1080P HD 1920×1080 screen on the new Samsung Galaxy S4 fairs among smartphones, you can check out some of the comparisons I did using my Dino Lite USB Digital Microscope (which does up to 230X zoom).

The results are very interesting and gives us an insight into the latest AMOLED technology, which is totally different from the Note 2 AMOLED HD screen and also blows doors off IPS HD screen on the Nexus 4 and iPhone 4S/5 Retina display.

As you can see in the video overview and also the photo above, the Galaxy S4 incorporates a whole “new level” of display technology with super-dense pixels with “diamond” pixel patterns.

Also you can clearly notice the pixels themselves are not rectangular unlike any other smartphone but they are circles, allowing the Galaxy S4 to have much crisp and clear screen.

Now, I am not an expert in screen technology but I do have a degree in computer engineering and even a 5-year old can tell the new AMOLED 1080P HD screen is much more advanced than the Note 2, Nexus 4, and iPhone 4S. (And iPhone 5 pixel matrix is nearly identical to iPhone 4S, see here)

Supposedly the new AMOLED technology on the Galaxy S4 also uses much less power than AMOLED technology used on the Note 2 and S3, meaning you will still get much better battery life with the bigger 1080P HD resolution.

Not convinced? Well, even looking at the 4 different phones with my naked eye, I can tell the Galaxy S4 has the most crisp and clear screen followed by Nexus 4, Note 2, and iPhone 4S.

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