Galaxy S5 vs. OnePlus One vs. LG G3 Low-Light Camera Test!


The other I was over at Cliff House in San Francisco near Sunset.  I took three shots in low-light (near darkness) using my Galaxy S5, OnePlus One, and LG G3.

Immediately after taking those photos, I could see how much clearer/better photos my LG G3 took in low-light situations through its laser auto-focus.  Also I noticed that my Galaxy S5 automatically went into low-light mode.

Comparing LG G3’s shot versus Galaxy S5 and OnePlus One camera in this situation, LG G3 auto-focused instantly and took the shots whereas the Galaxy S5 and OnePlus One had slight delay while trying to focus.

I know LG G3 is much better than Galaxy S5 in most situations for still photos, but this experience of taking some photos in near darkness really hit the nail.

It’s also great for playing golf (I found out), G3 camera auto-focuses instantly and takes some excellent golf action shots.

Overall, this only validates my original finding that laser auto-focus on LG G3 is really capable of giving you the best photos without fiddling with your camera settings in most environments including low-light and complete darkness, amazing!

See the original photos I took in this session below.

Galaxy S5: (Click Photo to see Original)


OnePlus One: (Click Photo to see Original)


LG G3:(Click Photo to see Original)


Galaxy S5: (Click Photo to see Original)


OnePlus One: (Click Photo to see Original)

LG G3:(Click Photo to see Original)


Galaxy S5: (Click Photo to see Original)


OnePlus One: (Click Photo to see Original)


LG G3:(Click Photo to see Original)


3 Responses

  1. Chuck says:

    Personally, I see No difference with the Lg and the OpO pictures. Having a bias towards the LG does not make for a true comparison test. Your description of Instant Focus versus slight delay, is your rough opinion.

  2. Brian says:

    Nice comparison. Thanks!

  3. tharealmb says:

    You do realise you are watching and comparing the images on screens with different resolutions and display types. A fair compare would be on a (calibrated) monitor…..

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