Galaxy S6 Edge vs. HTC One M9 – REAL WORLD Performance Test! [Game Loading Times]


If you’ve enjoyed watching our benchmark shootout between the fastest Android smartphones “right now”, you may want to also know that benchmarks aren’t necessarily the most accurate way to tell how fast a phone is.

In this real world performance test, we used several of the popular Android games like Clash of Clans, Asphalt 8, Angry Birds, and Grand Theft Auto to test out the game loading times.

This is a test between Galaxy S6 Edge Exynos 7420 processor vs. Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor on HTC One M9.

Usually, the faster processors will shorten your game loading times much more than slower processors.  And since many games are graphic-intensive, this is also great way to test out the performance of your phone when its under a lot of stress.

The results are very interesting.  For more graphic-intensive games like Clash of Clans and Asphalt 8, the performance difference between Galaxy S6 Edge vs. HTC One M9 was huge.  For Clash of Clans, Galaxy S6 Edge performed over 50% faster and also 36% faster for Asphalt 8.  For less graphic-intensive games that require less CPU power/memory, the S6 Edge only edged out the M9 by one second.

What does this tell us?

If you tend to use apps that require a lot of CPU power (such as Clash of Clans or video editing apps), the S6 Edge will save you a ton of time (over 50% faster).  However, if you tend to just do light web browsing or perhaps just go on Instagram to kill time, you probably won’t feel the difference between the two phones.

Also, in our benchmark tests, we noticed the Exynos 7420 performed much faster with less energy (more battery life left at end of tests).  So, if you need a phone that’s faster and also is more battery-efficient, definitely the choice seems like the Galaxy S6 Edge (or S6 as they have same CPU).

Lastly but not least, also note that the Galaxy S6 Edge has 1440P screen vs. HTC One M9’s 1080P.  There’s more pixels to push on the S6 Edge, meaning even if they loaded at the same time, the S6 Edge would be considered a much faster processor.  But the results speak for themselves, S6 Edge just killed it.  If you have an older Android smartphone, test out how fast your phone is by doing the game tests along with the video (and do let us know what you think).

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