Galaxy S6 Edge vs iPhone 6 Plus Video Camera Comparison!


In this video camera comparison test, we take on the Galaxy S6 Edge versus iPhone 6 Plus.   Which has a better video camera when hand-held using your two hands?

The Galaxy S6 Edge and iPhone 6 Plus both have OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) with S6 Edge having up to 4K video recording (1080P/2K/4K modes) and iPhone 6 Plus having 1080P video recording.  The results are actually rather interesting.  With S6 Edge, there seems to be some warping effect when the phone is panning or when you are walking with the phone.  This is most likely due to its OIS acting up but that’s one of the culprits of having too much OIS.  Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 Plus does a lot better for panning shots but it does seem to pick up more shakes than the S6 Edge.  Of course, for most shots that don’t require movement of the camera (where the camera is held still with two hands), the S6 Edge will do better while the iPhone 6 Plus may do better in panning with landscape shots.

As for resolution and details, the S6 Edge clearly beats out iPhone 6 Plus as it has the ability to shoot in 4K, 2K, and 1080P modes while iPhone 6 Plus is stuck at 1080P maximum resolution.  With a 4K resolution, the S6 Edge may give you an edge even if you only needed 1080P as a 4K video rendered down to 1080P is still much sharper than regular 1080P video.

For the front camera, the S6 Edge clearly beat out the iPhone 6 Plus with super-stable OIS while the iPhone 6 Plus faltered with pretty-much shaky video all-around.    In this particular arena, the S6 Edge did well without any warping and OIS seemed to be right on the dot.

When we tested macro shots, the S6 Edge seems to have better contrast and more dynamic range while the iPhone 6 Plus seemed to be a bit more cloudy with washed-out scenes.  In some scenes, the iPhone 6 Plus had trouble with exposure, overly exposing background while the S6 Edge fared much better.

Audio was night and day for S6 Edge versus the iPhone 6 Plus.  While the S6 Edge had clear stereo audio, the iPhone 6 Plus struggled to record voice clearly, everything sounded as if through a wall of glass.

Overall, the Galaxy S6 Edge has much better overall video camera abilities in our tests.  Although it did have some warping effects, that could also be due to the fact that we were recording in full 4K.   Other than those issues, the S6 Edge beat out the iPhone 6 Plus in every other category.

What do you think of our results?  Which one has a better video camera?


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