Galaxy S6 Fast Charging Demo! – How Fast Does it Charge?

With the first Galaxy series launched without a removable battery, the Galaxy S6 poses problems for many who may want to not hug a wall all day long.  And also ironically, not hugging a wall was one of Samsung’s famous marketing tactics.

Well, the Galaxy S6 comes with a measly 2550mAh battery, at least it should charge fast right?  The fast charging adapter(yes, it comes with the phone) provides the Galaxy S6 with 9 volts of 1.46amps of juice when you need to re-charge your phone fast.

So, given that you wake up and forgot to re-charge your phone the night before, how long will you need to re-charge your phone to 50% or even 100%?

How fast does the Galaxy S6 charge?

We did a scientific method of actually recording the charging times and the results are as follows:

We started with 4% of battery life.


At 5 Minutes with Fast Charging Adapter = 13% of battery life or 9% battery charged.


At 21 Minutes with Fast Charging Adapter = 41% of battery life or 37% battery charged.


At 30 Minutes with Fast Charging Adapter = 55% of battery life or 51% battery charged.


At 40 Minutes with Fast Charging Adapter = 69% of battery life or 65% battery charged.


At 50 Minutes with Fast Charging Adapter = 82% of battery life or 78% battery charged.


At 60 Minutes with Fast Charging Adapter = 90% of battery life or 86% battery charged.


At 1 Hour and 12 Minutes with Fast Charging Adapter = 96% of battery life or 92% battery charged.

Overall, the Galaxy S6 does re-charge faster than any other smartphone I’ve tried.  But I still miss my removable battery (as you can grab an extra charger and 2 batteries on Amazon for like 2 batteries) so I can go for few days without every needing to touch that wall.  Let me also note that the Galaxy S6 charges very fast even on regular 5V micro-USB adapters, charges faster than anything else out there.  So even if you don’t use a fast adapter, you may be able to get your phone re-charged pretty quickly.

Also, the test results should be nearly identical to the Galaxy S6 as they share the same hardware.

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