Galaxy S6 vs. HTC One M9 vs. iPhone 6 Benchmark Test!


For those of you wondering how fast the new Android smartphones like the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and HTC One M9 are over its long-distant rival Apple’s iPhone 6, you may be in for pleasant surprise this year.

Although in previous the race for the fastest smartphone has always been a close race, this year Android smartphones really whop out blazing, new processors that eclipse the iPhones.

Probably the most accurate benchmark test currently is Antutu, which has been around longer than most benchmarks and they are optimized for smartphones.

In our Antutu benchmark testing, the Galaxy S6 finished on top with a score of 69,122, followed by HTC One M9 at 57,576, and in last place the iPhone 6 with score of just 46,671.  Now, this isn’t probably the most fair test for the iPhone 6 since the phone itself is already 6 months old but still, the Galaxy S6 performed a whopping 48% faster followed by HTC One M9 which performed 23% faster.

Without a doubt, the Exynos 7420 64-bit CPU is the fastest chip on earth “right now”.

We also did 3DMark test, which tests the graphics performance and the HTC One M9 came out first at score of 23,722, followed by Galaxy S6 at 22,619, and iPhone in last place at 17,246.  Now, the 3DMark scores don’t test overall performance of the phones, just the graphic performance but even in this test, Galaxy S6 did fairly well, considering it has a 1440P screen versus M9’s 1080P screen.   In the graphics arena, it seems M9 may perform faster in certain areas of graphic processing, especially in number of frames per second.

Overall, these benchmark tests should help you sleep better at night, no more worrying about how fast your Android smartphone is, it’s definitely faster than an iPhone.

*Note – Performance for Galaxy S6 Edge is nearly identical to the Galaxy S6, hence excluded from the test.

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