Galaxy S6 vs. Note 4 Antutu Benchmark Test!


The word is out!  The Galaxy S6 is officially the king of speed in smartphone performance.  With its Exynos 7420 Octa-core processor, the Galaxy S6 blasts through benchmarks like nothing we have seen ever before.

Couple months back, I thought my Nexus 9 was really, really fast with Antutu scores of near 58,000.  Well, the verdict is in folks, the Galaxy S6 scored an average of 69,000 on Antutu.  FYI, we used Android 5.0.2 for both the S6 and Note 4 to make it a fair contest.

The results are rather interesting though.  When we pitted the S6 vs. the Note 4, the actual Antutu benchmark finished almost at the same time but the score differences lie in CPU integer and 3D performance operations.  In layman’s words, the Galaxy S6 is almost 2.7 times faster at solving math problems (CPU integer) and can also process graphics twice faster than the Note 4.

This is a HUGE improvement over other Samsung Galaxy predecessors we have seen over the years.  That’s nearly 33% boost in performance based on the benchmarks we ran!  In the past, we’ve only seen marginal 10% boost in performance but with the new 64-bit Exynos 7420, you get more performance boost than ever.

Is it the fastest smartphone in the world?  Probably, mostly like, and yes.  So if you need the fastest smartphone in the world, you can’t go wrong with the Galaxy S6 (or the S6 Edge which has identical hardware specs other than the edge screens).

Did you buy a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge?  If so, don’t forget to show off your Antutu scores in the comments box!


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  1. Augustin Buta says:

    hi there.i just got a brand new note 4 ,tested antutu score and it showed about 42000.hmmm….i thought what if i uprgrade my android 4.4 to 5.o……done.but my antutu scores only 29000….what to do?

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