Galaxy S7 Edge Iron Man Edition!


When Samsung introduced the Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Edition last year, it was one of the most coveted phones by collectors.. In fact, one hardcore Marvel collector paid $91,000 for such a phone.

Well fast forward to 2016 and Samsung has introduced S7 Edge Batman Edition but Iron Man was nowhere to be found. For those of you who want to make your own S7 Edge Iron Man Edition, here’s what you can do right now.  If you absolutely love Iron Man, you can root your phone, install Iron Man theme and turn your Galaxy S7 Edge into an Iron Man Edition. Now, this will also work for older Galaxy phones so long as you have the proper custom ROM installed.

This Iron Man theme features Iron Man lockscreen, wallpaper, and icons to give you a true Iron Man look. My favorite feature is actually the themed-out keyboard, which is easy to type and I love the scrollable swipe feature.I think this theme looks especially great on gold S7 Edge like mine and everytime I turn the screen on, I am greeted by a super-high res image of Iron Man. Boomshakalaka.

For those of you who love Iron Man, this theme just makes it perfect. The Edge screen works also well with themed out icons.  You will also find your quick toggles and settings menu with Iron Man theme that feels new and fresh.

And yes, my all-time favorite feature is the dialer, which gives you that nice futuristic feel only Iron Man himself would approve.  Of course, don’t forget your SMS message icons will default to Iron Man also, which is a very nice tweak.  Even better, you can grab some nice boot animations and have your phone turn off in Iron Man style. And also boot-up in style with Iron Man.

If you are interested in converting your Galaxy S7 Edge or other Galaxy smartphones to S7 Edge Iron Man Edition, check out the link to my step-by-step tutorial here.

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