Galaxy S7 Edge(Qualcomm vs. Exynos) vs. Huawei Mate 8 SOT Battery Test!


Here’s an SOT (Screen-on-time) battery test between the Galaxy S7 Edge Qualcomm 820 U.S. model vs. S7 Edge Exynos 8890 international model vs. Huawei Mate 8 w/ Kirin 950.


1st Place: S7 Edge Exynos = 11 hours 34 minutes
2nd Place: S7 Edge Qualcomm 8 hours 48 minutes
3rd Place: Huawei Mate 8 = 6 hours 50 minutes

The S7 Edge is officially the world’s longest lasting smartphone in the world.  This test also proves Samsung’s Exynos 8890 processor is much more efficient than Snapdragon 820 processor, probably due to the fact that the Exynos is an octa-core processor (that can switch to lower 4 cores for lower-processes) versus Snapdragon 820’s quad-core.

And it’s not surprising that even though Huawei Mate 8 has 4,000mAh battery, it comes nowhere close to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  This is mainly due to more efficient processors and displays on the Samsung phones.  The AMOLED screens use far much less energy to produce same amount of brightness in comparison to any LCD technology out there today, which equals much longer battery life.

This test proves battery capacity isn’t everything and it’s amazing that a phone with 1440P screen and smaller battery outlasts a phone with 1080P screen and much bigger battery.

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