Galaxy S9+ 4K 60fps Slow Motion Test! [Slowed down to 24fps]

galaxy s9 plus 4k 60fps slowed down to 24fps

In today’s video, we take a quick look at Galaxy S9+ 4K 60fps footage slowed down to 24fps to use as slow motion. This is my first slow motion test but footage doesn’t look too bad, might get better results with a bit more sunlight. I should have a 2nd test video uploaded soon!

My first impressions on Galaxy S9+ 4K 60fps slow motion?

As an avid user of the new Panasonic GH5 that came out not too long ago which has one of the first 4K 60fps on a consumer 4K camera, the results are not exactly fantastic (yet).   Of course, we do have to think about the fact that Galaxy S9+ does not have interchangeable lenses, which makes it hard to get all the right shots with just a smartphone camera.   At the same time, if you know the qualities of the 4K 60fps and how it works on the Samsung Galaxy S9+(or even regular S9, same camera), you may be able to achieve much better results.

Now, these are just my initial slow motion tests with 4K 60fps and I already have some better footage.  Most importantly, if you are shooting in 4K 60fps, you will want to make sure there is a TON of bright light, bright sunlight preferred.  This is because with the high shutter speed used in 60fps, the camera will get less light than shooting the normal 30fps, meaning you will most likely need double the amount of light.  Now, if you want to slow down the 60fps to 24fps like I did in this video, you will want even more light.  In all, just make sure you have a ton of light when shooting.

Another consideration is to think about your angles when shooting.  The 4K 60fps works best using the main lens on the S9+ since it has faster F1.5 lens.  Consider using the main lens whenever possible and for nice bokeh shots, try to get a lot of macro shots, something missing from this video test.  Again, these are my initial tests with the Galaxy S9+ and 4K 60fps, I should have a second video that should be much improved, check my YouTube Channel “Max Lee” for latest video.

FYI, I used the DJI Osmo Mobile, you can grab their new Osmo Mobile 2 on Amazon here. I’ve had many gimbals but the DJI Osmo Mobile is definitely my favorite, highly recommended.  If you need a good gimbal for your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus or any other smartphone, get the DJI Osmo Mobile as you can do 4 different angles(up/down and vertical both ways) plus it is easy to use.  It is the best gimbal I have ever used.

Overall, the results are not bad, considering this is my first outing with it but knowing some of the characteristics and results from my first test, I think the Galaxy S9/S9 Plus could be used for many cool slow motion shots using the 60fps.  While 960fps is cool and all, the resolution is nowhere near 60fps.  For maybe professional videos that require higher resolution, this 4K 60fps may be perfect where lugging a big camera setup like the GH5 may be impossible.

Would I use this over my GH5?  In certain situations yes.  But if you want the absolute best 4K 60fps you can get, definitely also check out the GH5, I do have a GH5 4K 60fps slow motion test you can check out here:

What’s Next?

I really love the fact that my Panasonic GH5 can do 1080P at 180fps.  Much lower resolution than 4K but the results I get with the GH5 at 180fps is much better than what I get with Galaxy S9+.  While 1080P 180fps may be many years away, I would like to see at least 120fps 1080P on a smartphone in the near future as I think it is currently possible with the faster Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 processors.

If you are wondering what regular 4K 60fps looks on the Galaxy S9+ without slowing it down, please take a look at my Galaxy S9 Plus + DJI Osmo Mobile 4K 60fps test.

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