Google Daydream VR Demo & How to Install On Android N!


Google has announced Daydream VR coming to next Android N a few weeks back and it should be coming soon to everyone but if you want to check out the beta Daydream VR demo, you can do it if you have a Nexus device with Android N.

Now, currently the only app it has is a beta painting app that is a watered-down version of Google Tilt Brush but with this app you can experience Daydream VR along with a 3D controller (using a 2nd phone as emulating controller).

To do this, Google says you will need a Nexus 6P but my 6P kept rebooting on Android N Preview N and I was able to get it working just fine on Nexus 5X.  So it should work on all Nexus 6P, 5X, 6, and even Xperia Z3.

You will also need a Cardboard VR, grab one on Amazon(any of these will do).

Before doing this, make sure you install the latest Android N Preview 3 or higher following our tutorial on How to Install Android N Preview on Nexus devices.

Step 1. Go into Setings->About phone and hit the “Build number” about 5 times until it says, “You are now a developer!”.


Step 2. Tap the back button and you will see a new menu called, “Developer options”, tap on that.


Step 3. Make sure “USB debugging” is checked ON like shown below:



Step 4. Next download the Google Daydream VR controllerpaint.apk and install it with ES File Explorer app (or your favorite file explorer app).  You may have to check “Unknown sources” on in settings to install.


Download Google Daydream VR controllerpaint.apkDownload




Step 5. Reboot your phone then go into Settings->Apps then hit the Menu button and tap on “Show system”.


Scroll down to “Google VR Services” and tap on it.


Tap on “Permissions”.


Make sure all permissions are ON like shown below:


Step 6. Next, tap on the Settings icon.


Scroll down and tap on “Special access”.


Next, make sure “Google VR services” is checked on for all “Do Not Disturb access”, “VR Helper services”, and “Notification access”.



Step 7. Make sure your bluetooth is ON and also make sure location is set to high accuracy.



Step 8. You will need a second Android phone to act as controller.

Download controller_emulator.apk and install with ES File explorer or your favorite file browser app.


Download Google VR Controller Emulator APKDownload



Step 9. Setup and turn on your mobile hotspot on the phone that you will use as a controller.


Step 10. Connect to the hotspot using your main phone, the one running actual VR.


Step 11. Launch the Controller Paint app.


Step 12. Tap on Settings icon.


Tap on “Settings”.


Make sure “Enable Controller Emulator” is checked ON.


Step 13. Launch the Controller Emulator app on your second phone.


Step 14. Wait a few seconds and your second phone should connect and say “Connected”.


You can double-tap and hold the big button to start drawing.  The second button will erase everything.


Start drawing in a 3D environment and have fun.  You will want to use a Google Cardboard VR or something similar.



Credits – Google


Q: My controller is unresponsive!
A: Try enabling USB debugging also on your second device and set Location to high.

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  1. Jeff Rank says:

    ever since I went N, I can not open APK’s, even with Unknown sources active. thoughts?

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