Google Pixel 3XL Unboxing! [HighOnAndroid]

Google Pixel 3XL Unboxing! This is the official HighOnAndroid unboxing of Google’s latest Pixel 3XL. Should you get it? I think the price is a bit high but you do get the latest Snapdragon 845 processor, 4GB of RAM, official IP68 rating, wireless charging, and an extra wide-angle front camera. For Pixel 2XL users, this may not be worth the upgrade but for everyone else, this is definitely the best Google phone your money can buy.

*Note – This is also my first video shot in 4K 60fps, please watch in at least 1440P 60fps as YouTube render makes anything 1080P or less look horrible, thanks.)

You can get it on the Google Store.

I do recommend getting the fully unlocked version at the Google Store as it supports all AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and Google Fi networks.  Also for those of you who root your Android, the fully unlocked version will allow you to unlock the bootloader while Verizon models have LOCKED BOOTLOADERS meaning no root.   Verizon 4G LTE works 100% flawless with the fully unlocked version and also has much higher re-sale value so I recommend that route.   I should have a full review but for now, this is definitely a GO!

Also watch my Pixel 3 camera vids here:


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