How to Disassemble Galaxy S6 Edge for Screen Replacement!

For those of you who want to replace the screen or other parts like the camera or micro-USB port on your Galaxy S6 Edge, you will want to know how to disassemble and re-assemble the device.

*Note – Disassembly for Galaxy S6 should also be very similar to this.

Parts needed:

  • Suction cup – You can use this gel suction cup car mount, which you can also use as car mount afterwards.
  • #00 screw driver – This is the standard size screw driver used on most Android smartphones.  You can also grab one at your local hardware store, look for #00.
  • Guitar picks or plastic tools – Grab some guitar picks or plastic tools for smartphone repair, DO NOT USE ANY METAL TOOLS when disassembling your phone other than for unscrewing.
  • Hair dryer or heat gun – I recommend heat gun but you can also use a hair dryer.

Step 1. Power off your S6 Edge and pull the nano-SIM try out.




Step 2. Use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat up the outer edges of the S6 Edge.


Step 3. Use a suction cup (or suction car mount like I did) and place it on the back glass of S6 Edge.


Step 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you are able to get a plastic tool or guitar pick wedged between the glass and the rest of the phone on the bottom of the S6 Edge.


Step 5. Work the plastic tool or guitar pick all the way around the phone, make to heat up as necessarily using  your heat gun or dryer.


Step 6. Once you slide all the way around the phone, the back glass cover should come off pretty easily.


Step 7. Unscrew all the visible screws and there are two hidden screws at the bottom of the phone.


Step 8. The frame should come off the screen assembly pretty easily after that.


Step 9. You can easily pull the motherboard out by unplugging all flex cables.  If your phone dies and doesn’t power on, you can replace this motherboard part.  Also, the back camera is connected to the motherboard and it’s easy to replace it.

The front camera is separate altogether so that’s easy to replace too.  Many of the other parts are also very easy to replace once you get to this point.


Step 10. To replace the battery, use a plastic tool to get between the screen and the battery, it will eventually come off but be careful as you can crack the screen.



The metal frame is very sturdy, I guess this is made from some type of aircraft-grade aluminum.  This is one of the main design changes with Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and I was actually able to see it in person.


Re-assembly is much easier than disassembly, just go backwards and also you can refer to my video tutorial.

The hardest part is being patient until you are able to separate the glass back from the phone and making a tiny gap big enough for a guitar pick.  After that, disassembly is pretty easy to do but if it’s your first time doing this, I highly suggest you to watch my video tutorial 2 or more times before trying.   Anyone can do this but you will need patience!

For replacing the screen, you can grab screen digitizer with frame assembly, you DO NOT have to take the actual LCD apart.  That method is very hard to do nor recommended as the adhesive is hard to put on unless you have all the professional tools.  But replacing the screen is very easy with a screen digitizer w/ frame assembly, I will have links to those replacement parts when it becomes available.

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