How to Disassemble LG V10 for Repair! [TEARDOWN]


Here’s how to disassemble LG V10 for repairs like screen replacement, camera replacement, motherboard replacement, etc…etc…  If you ever need to repair the LG V10 yourself perhaps because you are out of warranty or in situations where no one else can help you, it’s very easy to do so just follow along!

You will need:

– #00 Screwdriver – Link

Guitar Pick or Plastic Tool

Step 1. Pull the back cover off then you are going to unscrew all the visible screws.


Step 2. Once all the screws are out, try to tug on the side of the battery compartment and the secondary back cover should come off slightly.


Step 3. Use a plastic tool to slide through to get the rest of the cover off.


You may have to pull to the side to get the back cover off completely near the end.  Just be careful and do it slowly.



Step 4. To get the rails off, you will need to unscrew 6 screws.  These are smaller than the other screws so make sure you keep them separate.


Step 5. You can pull the top cover off simply by pulling on it.



Step 6. To get the motherboard out, disconnect the LCD and 3.5mm headphone jack cables off and it should come out easily.



Step 7. To get the rails off, you have to pull out the bottom plastic part.  Slowly tug on it and it will pull out.


Step 8. The rails can be slid down and pulled out to the side and they will slide out easily.


Step 9. That’s pretty much it.  If you need to replace the screen for screen repair, you can buy a digitizer along with frame assembly, which should cost you anywhere around $120-200.  With the new digitizer and frame, simply re-assemble your phone and you should have a phone like new!

You can also follow the video tutorial on how to re-assemble the LG V10.





6 Responses

  1. bstollyy says:

    Max Lee, you rock!

  2. ChrisI says:

    It would be sweet if there were a company out there that would do custom painting/metal plating on the bumpers and camera ring so we could have custom options!

  3. harlowe espina says:

    I have the black model. I really want to replace the metal rails and the camera ring to gold. Anyone know where I may find this?

  4. Catherine G Felton says:

    How do you replace WiFi antenna on the lgv10?

    • Josiah says:

      If you find out please let me know. I am having issues with wifi showing all available networks but wont connect to anything and range started to suck. Just says connecting disconnected saved. Have already tried a hard reset and everything I can think of besides replacing the broadcom wifi bluetooth chip.

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