How to Fix Stuck S-Pen on Galaxy Note 5! #SPenGate

If you’ve accidentally put your S-pen backwards, you will have a problem where your S-Pen gets stuck. Now, there’s a way to fix this so just don’t try to yank it out as that will break your S-Pen detection sensor.

Step 1. Cut out a 1/2inch (1.3cm) piece of plastic film from the Note 5 wrapper.


Step 2. Cover the S-pen in 270-degrees so it covers both the sensor side and the S-Pen holder then push the film in slowly until you hit bottom.  You may need to twist it at the end to get it all the way through.


(There’s two latches, one that holds your S-Pen and also another that’s S-Pen detection sensor.)


Step 3. Once you have hit “bottom”, try to move it back and forth a few times (without using too much force!) until you are free from the first latch.


Step 4. Once you are free from the first latch, try to move it back and forth without pushing the S-Pen too far back in (as that will get it lodged on the first latch again) until the S-Pen comes out.


Step 5. The S-Pen will eventually come out and you should have a fully-working Note 5 without breaking your S-Pen detection sensor.  Congrats!


Now, this process is actually rather cumbersome and tedious and you may still break your sensor if you apply too much force so just be very careful and take a lot of time.

If your S-Pen detection sensor breaks, you can try disassembling like I did and look for small broken plastic pieces.


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