How to Make DIY Dome Glass Tempered Glass for Galaxy S9, S9+, Note 8, S8, S8+!

In this video, I show you how to make DIY dome glass tempered glass for your Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, Note 8, S8, S8 Plus, and you can also use this method on pretty much any smartphone to apply loca glue with tempered glass so your touch sensitivity and glare stays the same as if you didn’t have tempered glass on.  I got this idea from the Dome Glass screen protector, which is good but I thought you could just do it yourself and save some money, especially if you have more than one phone.

BTW, This is my first time trying this and I should have an updated/better tutorial once I get better at it. But pretty easy to do considering I did it my first time.

Parts List

Before we begin, you will need the following items:

  • UV Lamp – Link
  • Loca Glue – Link (Make sure you use loca glue made for smartphones as they don’t harden all the way and you will be able to remove the tempered glass later down the road.)  Use something around 2000-2500 mPa viscosity.

You will also need tempered glass, make sure the one you get does not cover the speakers on top like shown in below photo.

Here’s my recommendations for the Galaxy models:

  • Galaxy S9 Plus – Link
  • Galaxy S9 – Link
  • Galaxy Note 8 – Link
  • Galaxy S8 Plus – Link
  • Galaxy S8 – Link

For other models, just find any tempered glass that does not cover the top speaker area.

Step 1. Apply tape over the speakers and cameras on top of the device so loca glue does not get in it.  Also you can put some tape over the speakers on the bottom.

Step 2. Clean the screen well, you can use alcohol wipes that comes with the tempered glass.  Also get any dust off by using some tape.

For the tempered glass, make sure you peel off the adhesive on the edges!!!  Also clean off the inside of the tempered glass really well!

Step 3. For applying the loca glue, use the syringe and push down vertically so you don’t get any bubbles.  Try pushing out some local glue before trying on the screen and make sure no bubbles are coming out.

Put a good amount but not too much onto the bottom 3rd of the screen.  Make sure there are NO BUBBLES HERE!

Note: Depending on the loca glue used, you may have to use less or more but it turns out I used just the right amount in this video I think. You may want to use something heavy to push down the loca glue at the end to get a nice thin layer, I should have an update on that next time.

If there is any bubbles, wipe off the loca glue with alcohol and start over!

You can lift the right side and let the loca glue glide down a bit.  Use plenty of loca glue as if you don’t it may not spread all the way and you will have to start over.

Step 4. Carefully put the left edge of the tempered glass down and slowly pull down the right side.  Once the tempered glass touches the local glue, SLOWLY keep pulling down the right side.

Do not let go of the tempered glass UNTIL ALL OF GLUE touches the tempered glass.  Then let it down all the way.

Step 5. Depending on the local glue used, it may take anywhere from 10-30 minutes for the loca glue to settle.  DO NOT PUSH IT DOWN, just let it sit until all of local glue gets spread.

Step 6. Eventually, gravity will do the work for you and fill in the loca glue.  At this point you should see no bubbles at all.  If you do see bubbles, clean everything with alcohol and start over.

Step 7. If there’s any excess local glue oozing out, clean it carefully with a alcohol and lint-free cloth.  You may want to place a salt shaker at this point to squeeze out extra loca so you end up with thin layer.   Place a salt shaker in the middle of screen, wipe off any excess and cure the sides first.  This will guarantee you have a thin layer of loca.

Step 8. Apply the UV lamp over the phone, 1 minute per top, middle, and bottom of the phone.  Do this twice.

You can also simply set it outdoors in the sun for about 5 minutes if you don’t have UV lamp.

Step 9. Once done, your local glue should have cured and tempered glass should be permanently attached to your phone.  Wipe off any excess loca glue with alcohol and lint-free cloth.

Step 10. Your phone should now be fully working with no loss in touch sensitivity and no extra glare.  The loca glue layer now acts as another layer, which will give you additional protection and you should be good to go.

Step 11. Removing the tempered glass is easy. Simply start at a corner and slowly remove it.  If you get stuck, you can apply some heat using heat gun or hair dryer.

But I didn’t have to heat it up at all, just came off easily with some paper.

You can re-use the tempered glass, simply clean off excess local glue with alcohol.

Your phone should be good as new after taking the tempered glass off if you ever need to sell your phone.



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