How to Replace Note 5 S-Pen Detection Sensor!

For those of you who have broken your S-Pen detection sensor, perhaps because you yanked your S-Pen out while stuck or didn’t use a straw, plastic film, or piece of paper, you may want to replace the S-Pen detection sensor.

First off, if your warranty is still valid, try to get it replaced for free under warranty.  But if you cannot do that for whatever reason, you can actually replace the S-Pen detection sensor itself.

In this tutorial, I show you how to take the S-Pen detection sensor out and replace it with a new one.

Step 1. You will first need to disassemble your Note 5 all the way down to the motherboard.  Follow my full tutorial on How to Disassemble the Galaxy Note 5 first.

Step 2. Take the cover of the S-Pen Detection sensor off with a tweezer.


Step 3. Once the cover is off, you can take the spring and the S-Pen detection plastic lever out.  We are actually replacing the plastic lever and the spring as that’s what breaks, not the actual sensor.


Step 4. With your new spring and plastic lever, get ready to put it back on the phone by putting the spring on the lever first.  The short side of the spring goes on right and long side goes on the left.


Step 5. Put the spring and plastic lever assembly back onto the S-Pen detection sensor carefully.


If should look like below:


Step 6. Snap the cover back on and re-assemble your Note 5.


Step 7.  Before putting the glass back on, test and see if your S-Pen detection sensor works.  If it works, congratulations!  You’ve fixed your S-Pen Detection sensor.


At the time of making this video, there’s no replacement parts you can order but since #SPenGate is such a widely-known issue, you should be able to buy the parts soon on places like eBay, Amazon, etc…etc…



6 Responses

  1. jhheli says:

    Where can you find the plastic lever to fix the phone ?

  2. Logan Kraft says:

    Where can I buy the plastic lever?

  3. 420gamer says:

    Tutorial is useless. As common as this issue is, you can’t buy this part, even from Samsung. They want you to ship your phone in for repair. It will cost 71 bucks and is not covered by any insurance.

  4. Zack says:

    I opened my old note 3 and the lever looks similar, do you think it will work on the note 5?

  5. Chris says:

    Where can you find the plastic clip?

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