How to Root Android Pie(9.0)! [Pixel/Pixel XL/Pixel 2/Pixel 2XL]

Thanks to XDA developer TopJohnWu, he has released Magisk V16.1 which now is fully-compatible with the latest Android P(9.0) so you can easily root your Pixel phones on latest Android P Preview and should work fine when official Android P comes out.

UPDATE: This root method works 100% on latest Android P 9.0 Official version!

IMPORTANT NOTE:These root instuctions assume that you have unlocked your bootloader!!! If you have not unlocked your bootloader, follow Steps 1 thru 13 in our original Pixel 2 root guide(works for both Pixel/Pixel 2).

If you want to root Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL on Android Oreo 8.0 or 8.1, please check out How to Root Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL instead.

This root method is for the following Pixel models:

  • Pixel
  • Pixel XL
  • Pixel 2
  • Pixel 2XL

Step 1. Remove your security locks such as fingerprint or PIN and set screen lock to “swipe” or “none”.  You can re-add these later after rooting.  We do this so TWRP doesn’t need to decrypt your phone.

Step 2. Connect your Pixel to your computer and set “File Transfer” ON so you can transfer files to it from your computer.

Step 3. Download the latest TWRP from for YOUR model of Pixel.

Grab both the IMAGE(file ending in img) and the INSTALLER(file ending in zip).  Try to get the latest version so you get the latest version of TWRP.

Step 4. Also download Windows drivers(no drivers needed for Mac or Linux),, and Magisk.


Download Windows drivers for Pixel phones


Download Magisk(UPDATED: Use Magisk v16.7 for Android P 9.0 Official)

Unzip the Windows driver and fastboot zip files, you should get two new folders.

Step 5. Copy and past the twrp IMAGE file into the fastboot folder.

Step 6. Copy the Magisk and TWRP ZIP file over to your Pixel.

Step 7. Power off your Pixel, then hold down Volume Down and the Power buttons together for about 5 seconds until you enter the bootloader mode.

Device state should read “unlocked”, which means you have unlocked your bootloader.

Connect a USB cable from your Pixel to your computer.

Step 8. If using Windows, install the drivers.  If you don’t know how to do this, please watch the video tutorial as it explains it step-by-step in concise detail.

Step 9. Next open a command prompt for Windows(or terminal for Mac/Linux) and type:

*Note: Replace “xxx” below with the actual filename as every Pixel model uses different file name along with different TWRP version in the file name.

For Windows:
cd Downloads
cd fastboot
fastboot boot twrp-xxx.img

For Mac:
cd Downloads
cd fastboot
chmod 755 *
./fastboot-mac boot twrp-xxx.img

For Linux:
cd Downloads
cd fastboot
chmod 755 *
sudo ./fastboot-linux boot twrp-xxx.img

Since Pixel no longer has a separate recovery partition, doing above will boot your into TWRP temporarily.

Step 10. Once in TWRP recovery, install the TWRP ZIP file so you can install it permanently.  Also, when you install a new ROM or firmware, you will have to flash this TWRP ZIP file so keep it handy for the next time you install a new ROM.

You can use the reboot menu to reboot into recovery and check your TWRP is now permanent.

Step 11. Next install the Magisk ZIP file.

Step 12. Once rebooted, you should find Magisk app in your app drawer.  Run it and if you see a green checkmark next to “installed version” you are fully rooted!

Verify you have full root by installing free Titanium Backup app on the Play Store.  If you see a Superuser request window like below, you are GOOD TO GO!  Pat yourself on the back and show off to your friends as you have the latest Android operating system along with root!!!



Q: I DO NOT SEE Magisk Manager app after rebooting!
A: No worries, sometimes Magisk Manager app doesn’t install.  You can simply download the APK and install manually.  Use a file explorer app such as ES File Explorer to install APK.

33 Responses

  1. Reggie Warner says:

    Hello! I’ve been studying this article the past few days in order to root my Pixel 2 XL which is currently running the Android P Beta. I just got a system update notification that will take me from Build PPP2.180412.013 to PPP3.180510.008.

    If I do the update before rooting, will I still be able to? Or should I root then update?



  2. James Webb says:


    i installed magisk via twrp and now the phone will not boot. It sits on the boot screen then it returns back to TWRP. What should i do?

  3. kristian löfvenmark says:

    i have unlocked my Pixel 2 xl running android P DP4, is this safe to do if a want to root ?

  4. Biscuits Mahoney says:

    I’m having the same issue with DP5. After flashing latest magisk, 16.7, or 16.1, it can’t boot into the system.

  5. Mark H. Cohn says:

    I have a Pixel 2 XL running P DP4 and I’ve following your directions (plus doubled-check them) and my phone is still locked. Please help…

  6. Mark H. Cohn says:

    I have a Verizon Google Pixel 2 XL

  7. Sam says:

    I just used the guide to root my Pixel 2XL and its now stuck on the google start screen (with the Google multi colored G) – Help! what should I do?

  8. ron says:

    worked great thanks pixel xl

  9. sias says:

    anyone figure out how to get it to work yet?

    • sias says:

      i have the pixel sailfish. after all the steps end in boot loop

      • steve says:

        use cmd as administrator
        also once your cd- fastboot> folder
        issue command adb devices
        if it starts a daemon then your phone is ready to use
        fastboot boot twrp-3.2.3-0-sailfish.img

      • steve says:

        C:\Users\steve\Desktop\fastboot>adb devices
        List of devices attached
        * daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5037
        * daemon started successfully

        C:\Users\steve\Desktop\fastboot>fastboot boot twrp-3.2.3-0-sailfish.img
        downloading ‘boot.img’…
        OKAY [ 0.722s]
        OKAY [ 1.049s]
        finished. total time: 1.771s

  10. Lucky 13 says:

    If you have a boot loop, just reflash the boot file in order to get it back.

  11. Dan says:

    Great guide; thank you so much for your help!!!!!! Especially after hours of aggravation from other reads and my own 😛

  12. root says:

    Anyone managed to follow this guide successfully with Pixel?
    I tried this but the phone ends up in boot loop after Magisk ZIP install & reboot.

  13. SirToken says:

    i have been able to install magisk and gain root successfully with these instructions on my google pixel

  14. nonya says:

    Update your guide dude! Bootloop isn’t fun!

  15. Jourdain23 says:

    Are any of you “bootloopers” on an unlocked bootloader or did you not bother checking and just tried it and now you want someone to fix your mistake?

  16. Sebastian says:

    Its magisk, I have had this issue on other phones. Just run the Magisk uninstaller zip from TWRP and then try an other magisk version. Works 100% gurantee

  17. laodou says:


  18. Nick says:

    Been looking into rooting my Pixel 2XL, does it make a difference if I have the November Security Update Installed?

  19. Rebecca says:

    Hi – I followed all instructions for my Pixel 3 XL (hoping it would work). Everything seemed to be going well until I got to Step 10. I have the YouTube video up in addition to this walkthrough, but once I complete Step 10 as above, my scared file is now empty and doesn’t show the Magisk ZIP File any longer. Then it is just in a never-ending Google logo boot until I put it back into recovery mode.

    I’m kinda stuck right now and not sure what to do. Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you!

  20. Brendan says:

    Same issue with the bootlooping, even with Magisk v18.0. Definitely unlocked bootloader, so I’m miffed as to where to go from here.

  21. Pablo says:

    Worked for me. I have a Pixel 2 XL. This method is great.

  22. Tamer says:

    Need help to root sm-t835

  23. Todd says:

    Any recommendations for ROMs for this phone ?pixel 2 xl

  24. Dat says:

    after reboot, it show me to logo Google and unlock key, it dont power on 🙁

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