How to Root LG G Flex 2, G2, G3 on Lollipop!

For those of you looking to root your LG G Flex 2, LG G2, LG G3, or other LG devices on Android 5.0.1/5.0.2 Lollipop, we have some good news, WE HAVE ROOT!

Thanks to XDA user Unjustified Dev and a Korean user, we can now root most LG devices on Lollipop (and probably should work also on KitKat) by using the LG firmware exploit method.

This root method works on many LG devices, here’s a list of devices it should work on:

  • LG G Flex 2
  • LG G Flex
  • LG G3
  • LG G2
  • LG F60
  • LG Tribute
  • LG MS395/D393
  • LG L90
  • LG Transpyre
  • LG Volt (LS740)

If your device is not listed, do try it and let us know and we will update this list.

Before we begin, you will need a Windows computer to root your LG device.

Step 1. Go to Settings->About Phone->Software Info then hit on the “Build number” about 5 times until it says “You are now a developer”.



Step 2. Hit back button twice and now you should see “Developer options”, select it.


Step 3. Make sure “USB Debugging” is checked ON.


Step 4. Connect a micro-USB cable from your LG phone to your computer.


Step 5. Download and unzip the files.  You should get a folder called “LG_Root” in your Downloads directory like shown below:




Step 6. Make sure you have proper drivers installed.  Go to Device Manager and find “ADB Interface”.  If you don’t see it, download LG Drivers and install it.  Then you should be able to see it.

Download drivers:

Download LG G Flex 2 Drivers for Windows (Works for most LG devices including LG G Flex 2, G2, G3, etc…etc…)

For Verizon LG devices, download the Verizon LG driver instead!!!


Step 7. Open a command prompt then type:

cd Downloads

cd LG_Root

adb devices

Then unplug and plug the micro-USB on your phone until you see “Allow USB debugging” on the phone.


Select “Always alllow from this computer” then hit “OK”.


Type “adb devices” and you should see a serial number along with “device”.  If you see this you are ready to rock!


Step 8.  Next copy and paste the following:

adb.exe push busybox /data/local/tmp/ && adb.exe push /data/local/tmp && adb.exe push /data/local/tmp

For some reason, above code gets cut off, try copying and pasting this here:

adb.exe push busybox /data/local/tmp/ && adb.exe push /data/local/tmp && adb.exe push /data/local/tmp


Step 9. Power off your LG phone and unplug the micro-USB cable.  Then WHILE HOLDING DOWN the Volume Up button, plug in the micro-USB cable.  You should see “Downloading…”.


And after few seconds it should turn to “Firmware Update”.


Step 10. Next, double-click on “ports.bat” and read the COM number next to “DIAG1”.  (Note, some users have reported you must do Right Click->Run As Administrator to get this step working although I didn’t have to.)


Step 11. Next, type:

Send_Command.exe \\.\COM24

But replace COM24 with the COM number you found in Step 10.

Then type:

sh /data/local/tmp/ dummy 1 /data/local/tmp/ /data/local/tmp/busybox


Step 12. If you have an LG phone with removable battery, simply pull battery and put it back in.  For phones without removable battery like the LG G Flex 2, hold down Volume Up and Power buttons together for 30 seconds until your phone reboots.



Step 13. Once rebooted, you should find SuperSU app in your app drawer and a fully rooted phone!

You can download and run Titanium Backup app to verify full root!


Congratulations, you’ve successfully rooted your LG G Flex 2 (or other LG smartphone) on Lollipop!

Don’t forget to root your sister’s, wife’s, brother’s, husband’s, and cousin’s LG phones!

424 Responses

  1. Kyle says:

    So does this mean I can flash the same recovery image from kikat, and or use lg g3 tweaksbox app?

  2. Biswa says:

    great root. Thanks. Worked for me.

  3. steven says:

    I have a rooted g3 on 4.4.2 can I flash this?…and does WiFi tethering work?

    • Max Lee says:

      Yes you can use this but wifi tether is additional mod you will have to do, rooting by itself doesn’t allow wifi tether.

  4. trav says:

    If my previously rooted phone upgraded to 5.0.1 can I follow these steps to make it rooted again?

  5. Eddie says:

    Followed the tutorial. Everything seemed to be working pretty well. Now I’m stuck on the at&t logo and can’t seem to get out of it. Ideas?

    • prohunterhn says:

      have you tried doing a factory restart?

      • John says:

        I was stuck at the LG logo for a bit… found that I mis typed something in the adb… When done with step 12 did you get the “inflating” everything?? If not try to re-type the commands

        • Mark Liermann says:

          I was unable to make it work on Windows XP, but it did work on Win8.1. The .bat file paths are hardcoded for the newer win folder structure.

  6. Ryan says:

    You can type “LEAVE” at step 12 in order to not pull out battery to reboot.

    This was tested on LG G3.

  7. Laura says:

    I am getting the error “failed to copy ‘’ to ‘/data/local/tm’: Permission denied”
    What can I do to fix this?

  8. Chris says:

    When I double click ‘ports’ it says the system is unable to find the specified registry key or value. Any ideas, I’m on Windows 8

  9. Lee says:

    Not work for Tmobile G2. works until step 8, on step 9 never see downloading….Tried a few times still not work at step 9

    • techoguy says:

      did you ever solve this? I’m having the same issue on my ATT phone. Holding down volume up and plugging the USB cable in just brings up the LG logo for about 10 seconds, then it goes away. That’s all

  10. Le Bottles says:

    You friggin rock fellas… donating in 3…2…1…

  11. David says:

    How do you perform step 11 on a mac?

  12. David says:

    Would this work from mac terminal:

    ./adb-mac shell /data/local/tmp/ dummy 1 /data/local/tmp/ /data/local/tmp/busybox

  13. Shekhar says:


    Will this work for D855? International model which is available in India?



  14. nhan says:

    at step 10, when i click “ports.bat” no COM display. Why is it?

  15. ballantyne says:

    Thanks! it worked for my LG G3 D855!!

  16. Data says:

    Will this work on 4.4.2 Verizon?? Just a simple yes/no is appreciated!!

  17. someone says:

    Does this trip q-fuse ???

  18. Leon says:

    Lg g3 d855.

    Stuck on step 9.
    The process is on 0% for 15 minutes by now.

    What should I do ?

    Thank you

  19. Richard says:

    Im stuck on firmware update 0% and has been like that for 30 minutes. Can anyone help?

  20. ron says:

    i have drivers installed when a type adb devices in cmd it shows my phone hen i type cd downloads i get the message the systeme cannot find path specified im onwndows 8.1

  21. soheil says:

    hi I thank my dear friend root i root my phone and change the screen resolution after root to full HD but unfortunately launcher error that stops phone calls please help me what to do?
    my name is soheil and im from iran please help me. tnx

  22. Amir hossain says:

    I just say to you :
    “YOU ARE THE BEST !!!!!!!!!”
    Thanks soooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuch!

  23. hamid zeshan says:

    just root??? no custom recovry???????

  24. Anton says:

    When i try cd LG_Root, is says it can’t find the path. Help?

    • nhan says:

      I think your LG_Root is located on different Partition of C:\
      Maybe D:\LG_Root.
      You should type D: first. Then cd LG_Root

  25. al adamson says:

    From where do i copy the commands?? its kinda confusing. .u never explain that part properly!!

  26. Jeremy Nguyo says:

    Am using LG G3 D855 Lollipop 5.0. At step 8 I keep getting an error that reads “more than device and emulator” Please help

  27. Scott says:

    Worked 1st time on my LG G3 D855 Running L5.0


  28. Aakash Parikh says:

    At sped 12 after typing in sh /data/local/tmp/ dummy 1 /data/local/tmp/ /data/local/tmp/busybox

    nothing happnes it just shows # again.
    I am spring LG g3 running 5.0.1

  29. cole says:

    also get to #11 and it stays at 0% help anyone?? vs985

  30. cole says:

    step 12 sorry, stuck at step 12 0%

  31. cole says:

    got it figured out; go into the folder with the extracted files hold the shift key and right click an empty space in the window, click open command prompt here , then do 11 and 12 again , worked for me!!

  32. Louis says:

    Just tried this on an LG G3 US990 (U.S. Cellular variant running 4.4.2 since U.S. Cellular hasnt gotten 5.0 Lollipop OTA) and once I got done, put the battery back in, and rebooted, it gave me the “Android is upgrading… Optimizing app xxx of xxx” took about 15 minutes and IT WORKED! Thank you all so much.

  33. Rik says:

    Can you put cyongen mod on it? with this root?

  34. John says:

    So your root method worked great on my sprint lg g3… I unlocked my hotspot, is there anyway to cloak the usage from said carrier??

  35. John says:

    First… Your root method work flawlessly.. Thank you. Now for my sprint lg g3 I unlocked the wifi hotspot now is there any way to cloak its usage from said carrier?

  36. John says:

    Sorry for double post

  37. Prince says:

    Confirmed…..working on my lg g3 cat.6…

  38. masterchief says:

    Can i use a mac to root on lg g3?

  39. SHabajda says:

    Hi guys, I got stucked on bloody step 9. Trying to hold down the UP volume button, but no downloading shows for me – just charging battery. I am using LG G3.
    Any ideas? Thx.

    • SHabajda says:

      forget this stupid question, I tried several times and it is ok now

    • syed abdul samad says:

      the downloading doesnt have to complete , after u see firmware update screen just open the downloaded lg_root folder open ports.bat and continue with the 10th step

  40. suemio says:

    runs on lg g3 beat d7247.

  41. Rafael says:

    Works perfectly ! I tested it on my LG G3 Brazilian STOCK ROM Lollipop 5.0.1 20A

    Great job and Thanks!

  42. Shubham says:

    HI..At step 11 when I enter the command “Send_Command.exe \\.\COM7″…It shows error “Couldn’t open port ” \\.\COM7.

    What Should I do?
    Please help.

  43. Shubham says:

    Resolved the “COM7” error…but when I enter the command

    sh /data/local/tmp/ dummy 1 /data/local/tmp/ /data/local/tmp/busybox

    nothing happens.

    Please let me know what needs to be done in this case.

  44. SHabajda says:

    Working great for LG G3 D855 (International), Andriod v 5.0.
    Thx a lot!

  45. Shubham says:

    Nothing is happening after running the below command:

    sh /data/local/tmp/ dummy 1 /data/local/tmp/ /data/local/tmp/busybox

    I tried this several times on my LG G2 korean version(Build:30d).

    Can anyone please help.

  46. vinoth says:

    worked fine now i have root access [ most of the apps(that require root) wont work, lollipop sucks] , but how will i install any recovery pls help. so that i could atleast flash some other rom.

    i regret rooting 5.0 in lollipop, i should have just downgraded. now i’m stuck

  47. Rafael says:

    Hey Bro, Thanks for this tip! It worked in my LG G3 D855 Brazilian Model with Lollipop 20A

  48. Kevin says:

    HI I’ve reached to the firmware update but i got stuck at step 10 which is double clicking on “ports.bat”…it keeps telling me “The system was unable to find the specific registry key or value”. I also run this as administrator and its the same phrase. Please help my phone is an LG G3 at&t android

  49. Sadhad says:

    Guys… Those who have problem with getting struck at firmware update screen.. well guess what, you dont even have to wait for the bar to reach 100%, just proceed with the next step..Worked like a charm!!

  50. Tarik says:

    Will this result a wiped phone ? Am i going to lose all data ? LG G3 D855

  51. Tarik says:

    How to enter download mode guys ? please help

  52. Hans says:

    What is the version for lollipop stock firmware? Is it V20e? Does the above root procedure work for my LG G3 855 with V20e?

  53. alaska says:

    when i enter in D:cd LG_Root it says device is not ready??

  54. jihuns115 says:

    Thank you. Thanks to have rooted my G3.

  55. md says:

    Thanx very much… Successfully rooted my phone with no problems…

    and yes its LG G3 (D855) …..

  56. Akshay says:

    i get # at the last step means after

    sh /data/local/tmp/ dummy 1 /data/local/tmp/ /data/local/tmp/busybox

    i get # again

    how to go about ?

  57. Ty says:

    After i enter the command sh /data/local/tmp/ dummy 1 /data/local/tmp/ /data/local/tmp/busybox nothing happens. what should i do??

  58. Ty says:

    For Everyone stuck on step 11 to 12 what i did to fix my problem was. in the extracted LG_ROOT folder i extracted the SuperSu folder. Closed the Command Prompt window i had opened went into the extracted LG_ROOT folder Held shift and the right clicked in an open space (not clicking on any software or programs) then selected open command prompt from here then repeated step 11 and i now have root.

  59. JGD says:

    What COM settings is the Send_Command looking for to establish communications? It is unable to open the port when I attempt the command.

    • JGD says:

      Here is a screen shot of my attempt. The second attempt with Send Command is after unplugging and reattaching the USB cable.

    • JGD says:

      Finally have root! I ended up using a different computer and it worked like a champ. I have the Android SDK on my main machine and I wonder if the versions of adb on my computer and the one included with the root package were having issues working together. Thanks so much for the procedure.

  60. miguel diaz says:

    Cd LG_Root
    The System Cannot Fint The Path Specified

  61. Wski says:

    Pleeeease can you help me? I am at step 9 i do all what you say but in step 9 my telephone say “DOWNLOAD MODE DO NOT UNPLUG the device until the process is complete.” and my telephone doesn’t turn to “Firmware Update” and i wait one hour but nothing. (Sorry for my english i am italian) Can you help me pleeease?

  62. Imad Kharboutli says:

    Worked like charm, everything as described and photoed, thank you very much sir (LG G3)

  63. D. Jr says:

    Funcionando perfeitamente no LG G3 brasileiro depois da atualização da LG para android lollipop. Muito obrigado meu amigo.

  64. Ashcarenomore Cole says:

    system can not find path

  65. Denise Klaucke says:

    Does it work on a LG G3 S.?

  66. Prateek Dubey says:

    What do I say ? How do I Say thanks to you ? Its SIMPLE AND AWESOME. IT WORKS. Thank you so much !!!

  67. Cory Nelson says:

    my phone is in a constant boot loop after this process. lg g2

  68. bhavekost says:

    Thank You! Awesome walk through. For those users stuck on Step 11, through trial and error, I found the problem that I encountered and a clunky work around.

    I ran the command “sh /data………busybox” and nothing happened. No inflating, to ui_print. Nothing. So I typed LEAVE and rebooted. No SuperSU installed. Which was the case, nothing happened.

    Turns out my phone was encrypted (corp IT policy) and you can’t modify system files when encrypted. So my clunky work around was to do a backup, factory restore, then rooted the phone, re-joined my work Exchange and then the encryption happened after gaining root and finally data restore.
    Thanks again for the write-up and video!

  69. Syed Moosa Hassan says:

    OH MY GOD, it worked!!! Thanx man, really appreciate it, I was so fed up for not finding any root method for my G2 (with newly installed 5.0.1) now I have it you have me relieved of doing a manual (so difficult) root method! cheers, TC

  70. papo862 says:

    lg tribute ls660 zv4 works thanks

  71. Gaby Bernstein says:

    I have Lollipop 5.0 on LG-G3.
    I ran all the steps perfectly receiving all expected screen responses both on Windows and on Android.
    When I boot after step 12 (removing/placing the battery and power up), the phone is stuck on LG splash screen for more than 15 minutes, with the led flickering with green/blue as if booting up, but does not progressing into password screen or anywhere. Any thoughts?

    • Gaby Bernstein says:

      After investigating it seems that have no choice but to re-install my ROM. That means full wipe. So chaps – if you plan to install this root, make good backups of your valuable photos, messages (SMS, WhatsApp etc.) and prepare yourself that something might go wrong and you’ll end up with a soft brick that will requires hours of setups to reinstate your original phone with a major loss of passwords and reorder of the screeens. What a waste of time!

    • Floreen says:

      Hi Gaby, I have the same problem. Can you help me?

      • Gaby Bernstein says:

        Unfortunately I had to flash my rom from scratch, but this occasion made me try Cyanogenmod 12, and it’s very good, although not completely stable just yet.

  72. Israel Tendo says:

    Works Perfect, Thanks

  73. Ricardo says:

    so… my LG G3 its crashed in the start… you can say why?

  74. Korso19 says:

    Hi, does this work using linux?

  75. Andi says:

    great job~
    And how can we get this diag port to connect to qpst?

  76. stanley says:

    Works on LG g3 Verizon 4.4.2 with no problems.

  77. Tom says:

    Did you ever get past this problem?

  78. Andrew Kantor says:

    I’ve got an odd problem on my G2: USB debugging is no problem (although I have to set it on PTP instead of MTP to get the dialog box).

    Everything works through Step 9 — I’m able to run the adb commands, and I get to the Firmware Update screen.

    But then it gets odd because ports.bat doesn’t find the device even though it shows up in Device Manager! So when I try Steps 11 and 12, nothing happens.

    Any clue why ports.bat won’t find the phone? Everything else seems find, and I tried it in different USB ports on my computer. But no joy.


    • Michael Steward says:

      I have the same problem with no port showing up. Did you ever fix it?

      • Andrew Kantor says:

        Yes, but I don’t know if it will help you. It seemed to have been a setting in my PC’s BIOS that was preventing my USB ports from handling a serial connection. I turned on something like “USB legacy support” and it worked.

    • Sean S-dot Chimanikire says:

      run as administrator when you click ports.bat

    • sean says:

      ive got the same problem. I have the lg g3 d850. I also have the (!) next to the device listed in Device Manager. Interesting… I’m going to reinstall the drivers. Running ports.bat as an administrator did nothing.

    • Strype says:

      When you run ports.bat, does it tell you it can’t find the registry key??

  79. Michael Steward says:

    I can get to step 9 but I have no DIAG1 for a COM port. While trying to solve it myself, I did notice that after I plug my phone in holding volume up, my device manager shows several devices with ! on them (CDC Serial, LGE Android Phone, and MTP USB Device). I’ve installed several drivers and it appears to be working before I start with the steps.

    Running Windows 7 with 5.0.2 on LG G2. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know!

    • D_mon88 says:


      did you manage to get around this somehow? i’m running windows 10 and everything goes well up to stage 9. now i am in firmware update mode, but can’t continue. would really appreciate an answer….at least a safe way to get out of this mode would be great. many thanks if you’re able to help!

      • Strype says:

        Did you ever figure it out? When I run ports.bat, it tells me it can’t find the registry key. Is that what happened to you? Were you able to fix it?

  80. goze18 says:

    Everything was fine until i did that last command with the # and copied and pasted the command and nothing happned. I am not encrypted and on lg g2 5.0.2!!!! I rebboted and it said root access was not properly installed!!!

  81. goze18 says:

    Same EXACT THING happened to me just now. ;( help guys!!!
    -LG G2 tmobile 5.0.2
    (Improper root access on SU)

    • GOD says:

      i was stuck on that too but i did it for like 3 times until i see the step 12 i waited for like 3 minutes and the cmd doesnt move so i made the step 12 NEED TO WAIT 30 Seconds
      and the phone start showing a red light than rebooted and show “the sistem is inicializing” and then the supersu show it up :DDDDDD

  82. Ron D. says:

    Hey Max, FYI, It doesn’t seem to work on the VS980 Verizon version of the LG G2. Everything works fine up to 6:35 of the video which never runs as your video shows. This leaves the phone soft-bricked when you reboot it (it just shows the LG screen forever). I re-flashed the stock Lollipop ROM “VS98039A_05.kdz” using the LG Flash Tool 2014… 🙁 No harm, no foul! Hopefully another root exploit will be found soon for the Verizon LG G2… Thanks for the effort and the great video… 🙂

  83. Alen Đuderija says:

    at the end just tipe LEAVE and it will reboot and thanks man for info 😀

  84. Nicole Eddy says:

    IT WORKED!!!! on my LG G3 5.0.1

    the only difference i had to make was putting,


    at the beginning of everything and use windows powershell and go up in the top left and,

    click on file and click on start powershell.exe

    and also i wasnt able to use the && symbols so i seperated those commands like so..

    ./adb.exe push busybox /data/local/tmp/

    and then

    ./adb.exe push /data/local/tmp

    and then

    ./adb.exe push /data/local/tmp

    and then after i found the “com” number by opening the port file i went back to the powershell typed in the next command with


    at the beginning and DONE

    • Ameen says:

      What is your software version Nicole? in Settings-About Phone-Software Information-Software Version.

      I have T-Mobile LG G3 D85110r, not sure if it would work with this version.

  85. Hex says:

    Thanks works on lg g3, would this work on nexus 5?

  86. ian phillips says:

    Great Tutorial Max, works great on LG G3.

  87. Ben says:

    can I root my Optimus G Pro F240S lollipop 5.0.1?

  88. Bashar Abu-Diak says:

    Every time I have the same problem “Can’t open the port” even using admin privileges, and I used other tools I have the same error, please help

  89. Skapo21 says:

    Guys let me clear this out for you , you need to be on MTP MODE no PTP because you will not see the the right “COM” and you will stack when you are going to move on at “step 11” download the correct drivers that is a **MUST**

  90. SteG says:

    For my G Flex 2, hold Volume DOWN and Power Button for step 12.

  91. J4N says:

    Thank you very much, this worked like a charm 🙂

  92. tjudjo says:

    Thanks! Works on LG H440n.

  93. Alex says:

    After a lot of unsuccessful attempts to gain root, I downloaded busy box. Followed the instructions and gained root on my LG G3 version 5.0.1

  94. Keif Manao says:

    please help.. I tried it on my LG G Tab v400 lollipop 5.02. it says it’s rooted but when i run an app that requires root access. it says that the device is not rooted.

  95. AC says:

    Did it this morning and success. Mine is LG-D858HK dual SIM bought from Hong Kong last month.

  96. Mikhail Ushakov says:

    Worked 100% for LG G Pad (V400) on Android 5.02 FOTA. Rooted


    ok works perfect on LG G3 32gb.
    At step 9 download mode is by holding volume up button and plug the mini usb(G3 users only)

  98. Guy Biton says:

    I god emulator and localhost in the list of devices and I got error : more that one device and emulator
    (LG G3)

  99. Nirej T says:

    I have just rooted my Lg G3 using this. Works perfectly. Shows it is rooted. However, when I try to use flashify to flash twrp recovery, it reboots, shows that boot certification has an error at the loading screen. The screen turns off and the led flashese red and blue. Is there a fix for this? My version of the LG G3 is D855. International.

  100. Nomic says:

    And after few seconds it should turn to “Firmware Update”.

    should something happen after this screen. looks like nothing is being updated even after 15 minutes. Continuing with the next steps does not result in an unrooted phone. LG G2

    Kind regards

  101. dlacksdud says:

    Working with LG G Pad 8.0(wifi)

  102. Carl Cao says:

    im sorry but i keep stock on the Logo screen can’t do nothing…. pls help me

  103. Assirem Boukrara says:

    hiI’ve upduted my LG g3 to androide 5.0 and i have a problem with google accounts i ‘ve not access to google play why ?

  104. Ameen says:

    Just wanted to know if anyone got it to work on T-Mobile LG G3 with software version: D85110r

  105. Xencer says:

    Um, ports.bat this is what happens

    C:UsersJacobDownloadsLG_Root>reg query HKLMhardwaredevicemapSERIALCOMM

    ERROR: The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value.


    Press any key to continue . . .

  106. Guest says:

    This won’t do shit for me, every time I try the cd LG_Root it tells me can’t find specified path

  107. Amr Mohamed says:

    it’s working for lg g3 d858

  108. Terbium22 says:

    So I did this, but now it wont boot. It just stands at the LG , lifes good logo and “flashing”? Any ideas?

  109. Bauke Brenninkmeijer says:

    Hey guys, I didn’t have a DIAG1 but did have a DIAG3,so i used the port number provided from that. Did the rest of the operations like instructed. Got no errors at all and the last command line ended in a Done statement, so i figured it had worked. It, in fact, did not and i got in a bootloop. Fixed that with LG software but just wondering if anyone knows why i didnt have a DIAG1 and why using DIAG3 wasn’t a problem.

    B.T.W. the com used with DIAG3 was the same as the LG repair software used, so i think that is not the problem. I’m ofcourse not sure since im new to this root method.

  110. Nova says:

    Got stuck on LG boot screen… any solutions? LG G3

  111. Joseph Fair says:

    Worse…I’m stuck at the splash screen, and the phone will not boot.

  112. Joseph Fair says:

    I believe that I have just bricked the AT&T LG G3 (850) with this method. I would definitely not try to do this with one.

    • EpicSenseney says:

      I have the same exact phone and i followed the steps correctly. i was on the “firmware update screen” and removed my battery. then rebooted and it booted fine and it is now rooted! Done with AT&T LG G3 D850

  113. Felipe Quiroz says:

    Same thing happened to me, doesn’t work, doesn’t do anything. Lg G2 D800 (AT&T version).

    • Aletz Pastrana says:

      a mi me paso lo mismo con el d800 despues de insertar el ultimo comando, pero lo deje asi un momento luego lo reinicie y cuando encendio ya tenia instalado el SU.

  114. Joseph Fair says:

    OK…got it back to the firmware update screen…where do I go from here?

  115. Bob Folowski says:

    Any luck with D850[20f] (Build LRX21Y), AT&T?

  116. cartmen871 says:

    i found the solution!!!

  117. Kim says:

    Just tried this on my LG G3 D855K android 5.0 Telstra Australia. Went through all steps all good. Removed battery switched on G3 now stuck on startup screen. Shame so wanted this to work. Now busy with LG Mobile Support Tool again….

  118. Kim says:

    Just tried it again same result……SW Version D85520F

  119. Yust says:

    HELP im stuck in boot logo, using LG g3 Please help. ASAP

    • Mr. C says:

      Yes Same thing for me please help. I am also stuck in boot logo LG g2

      • Joseph Fair says:

        The phone is bricked. Happened to me as well.

        • Jumpax says:

          Not permanently. This exact same thing happened to me yesterday!
          Follow a guide on how to unroot / flash STOCK LG ROM.

          You should use a guide that involves using a program called LGFlashTool or something like that. I’m a beginner to rooting and I did it with ease.

          Keep in mind this will WIPE your device. It will be like brand new.

  120. JP Missouri says:

    I Think something happened, when I downloaded the adb thing it just acted like driver software, (I tried both) so in the middle of the command prompt something didn’t work and with the allow usb debugging for computer I already did that (u have no idea how much i’ve tried, for like a year). So plz help I have a LG G2 and a crappy (Like it almost crashed) Windows Vista Premiem. HELP MEEEEE

  121. ben says:

    its volume DOWN and power to reset the LG flex 2

  122. cartmen871 says:

    I have the solution for the ptp lg g2 port problen

  123. Matt Farmer says:

    Error at step 10, saying “The program can’t start because MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.” reinstalled twice now, and im stuck on step 10. PLEASE help.

  124. Gary Zeus says:

    I noticed if you copy and pasted the line after step 8, it appears the copy isn’t getting the entire line of what’s supposed to be pasted in the command line…. I think this was the mistake I made…

  125. robert says:

    Same thing stuck on the boot screen.

  126. he steven says:

    I root my lg g3. Everything works until the last step. My g3 can’t turn on. It freeze on the LG starting screen. what can I do?

  127. Anatole Foux says:

    I own a LG LEON H340 and this procedure to the rooter works beautifully

  128. jake says:

    help my lg g3 vs985 is bricked and i cant figure out how to un brick it

    • C. Mullins says:

      mine did the same i’m currently downloading the stuff to do an un-brick/un-root procedure. If it works I will let you know

  129. Mike Smith says:

    congrats but that wont help the guy above

  130. Chmura says:

    Didn’t work on my LG G3 D851 from T Mobile… Stuck at t mobile screen…

  131. StArL0rd84 says:

    (LG G3 D855)
    Everything worked great, I followed everything to the smallest detail and have gotten to the boot logo, but my now my daily driver is probably bricked. 🙁
    It is stuck on the LG Boot logo and the LED is cycling through blue and green.
    I thought i would just let it sit since first boot could take longer but it is still stuck.
    Please help because this phone is important to me as it is my daily driver.

  132. Guest says:

    Yeap stuck at step 11. When You are trying to run Linux command at the Windows Command Prompt, what is TOTTALY NOT STUPID.

    • trxr says:

      If your send_command.exe connected to the com port for the phone correctly, you’re actually executing those sh commands ON the phone.

  133. Xieq says:

    Maybe You fucked up here Send_Command.exe \.COM24

  134. Jason Crowson says:

    i get through everything but at step 11 my device does nothing… whats the fix?

  135. Marsel says:

    Doesn’t work for me, did everything step by step got stuck in LG Logo loop like others have posted. In order to fix this you have to use LGflashtool and flash the stock .tot/.dll file, but change the action mode from “Upgrade DL” to “Board DL” then touch OK when screen pops up with AAT, and hit normal boot.

    • Adrian Tollis says:

      can you elaborate? im having the same issue. where would i get these .tot and ,dll files? does doing this wipe my phone?

      • Marsel says:

        Dude I’ve tried to comment how and for some reason my comment’s won’ get approved lol. e-mail me

      • Marsel says:

        You get the .tot and .dll files from his “how to unbrick your LG G3” tutorial in step 3. Go through that process but uncheck “Upgradl DL” and check “Board DL” then when your phone’s screen light’s up towards the end of the process, touch the screen even though it says not to and select “normal boot+”

  136. Sedric Tan Zhi Kai says:

    im stuck at the firmware update.
    after i reboot my phone at step 9 it shows firmware update but it just get stuck at 0% and does not increase
    LG G3 b855 here

    • Balandre Alejandro says:

      That’s normal, it’s waiting for you to send the updated information. Continue with steps 10 and 11 where you will actually send the data it’s expecting. After you sent it you will see

      ui_print – Unmounting /system and /data
      ui_print – Done !

      in the console where you inputed step’s 11 line.

      You can now remove the usb cable and restart your phone.
      I can confirm i got my D855 device rooted with this method.

  137. Stijn Roelofs says:

    Im stuck step 11. I copied the text, but when i hit enter nothing happens

  138. JT says:

    phone wont reboot. after step 11, everything was successful. i got prompt in the cmd tab saying it was done. now phone wont reboot. just sits at the LG screen after restarting. on a G2..

  139. Joshua Sanderson says:

    Tips from a noob thats been rooting since OG EVo..if you copy and paste, make sure you look at the screenshot to make sure nothing was cut off. CMD must be run with Admin, or will not copy SuperSU. Follow the directions!!I kept hitting the power and volume, which made the phone start up. Files are copied to tmp, so if the phone turns on for any reason, start over. Took me a few tries to get over my own stupid,

  140. Nikola_sss says:

    Step 9 just will not do

  141. kircata says:

    I try this on my lg d415 and brick happent

  142. Hex says:

    Looks like it doesnt work anymore? It worked month ago but now it stucks at LG logo…

  143. andrew says:

    stuck at step 8… when i copy it it says cannot stat busybox : no such file or directory.. help?

  144. Jtroutt19 says:

    Well this guide sucks just Soft Bricked my phone! You sir are an asshole!

  145. pkleiz says:

    yeeah, LG G3 and LG G Pad done!!!

  146. Tùng Phan says:

    Thank you!
    A very clear and easy to follow how to.

  147. Matt Klassen says:

    working on a mac…step 10 work it just says: /Users/kids/Desktop/LG_Root/ports.bat: line 1: reg: command not found

    /Users/kids/Desktop/LG_Root/ports.bat: line 2: pause: command not found

  148. Felipe Doro says:

    muito obrigado, deu tudo certo

  149. Felipe Doro says:

    Funcionou no L Prime do Brasil (Variante do L Bello)

  150. RJ says:

    will this work on Sprint LG3 lollopop?

  151. Samidu Shiwantha says:

    plzz help mee how to root lg l bello d335 lollipop 5.0.2

  152. TwentySkroll says:

    Worked perfect on a LG G3s D722, thanks alot!

  153. Samidu Shiwantha says:

    how to root lg l bello d335 lollipop 5.0.2

  154. mirza shafi says:

    Doest this work for g3 cat6 too? Im currently using f460s

  155. IsThatEllieG says:

    Thanks. It worked.

  156. Anderson Felipe says:

    ” step 11. what do I do ?

  157. Sydney Ann Ulrich says:


  158. Cod says:

    Remember to open the command prompt AS ADMINISTRATOR , otherwise step 11 won’t work

  159. Drew Pador says:

    Does this procedure work for 5.1.1?

  160. Wayne Hutsell says:

    it says: error more than one device and emulator… help please

  161. Wayne Hutsell says:

    i put in last step of step 11 and it sends me back to pound sign help please

  162. Scout says:

    My LG G3 won’t reboot after step 11, just standing on the LG screen after restarting ! What can I do ?

  163. Luki Machegger says:

    Hi, everything went fine until step 12, the prompt window said “done !”, but now my phone (LG G3 ) is not rebooting anymore. it is stuck in lg logo screen… what to do? Pleas help

  164. Chise Sakamota says:

    G3 just stays at lg screen…. dead phone i guess

  165. Bill Green says:

    lg g2. after sitting on a brick(lg logo) for about 8 hours, it finally worked on 5.0.2. i must have tried 30 times and then all the sudden it worked. wish i could tell you guys what i did different the last time, but i have no idea. my advice, just keep doing it over and over, and follow instructions to the t.

  166. klintyfye says:

    my cat closed the cmd window when i was at step 11 and now my phone wont go from firmware update. plz help

  167. trung says:

    g2 d800 at step 12, need to wait for 30s, the red light show up few times then release the buttons

  168. Garret Gallant says:

    I Found A Fix that doesn’t require a factory reset after your phone screen gets stuck on the logo, basically go back to step 9, after unplugging your usb once more and while your running the cmd hold the volume up button and plug in your usb. repeat the steps from 9 to the end and once your phone starts up again be patient, it will take about a minute or so and it will say android is upgrading, then you will have superSU on your phone. Glad i can help, let me know if this helped you.

  169. ElvisMarmaduke says:

    How come you have mac and linux files in there but don’t say how to do it on either of those systems?

  170. grunt0300 says:

    Does this method work on a Mac?

  171. grunt0300 says:

    What happened to root AT&T LG G3 with Mac?

  172. N1ck says:

    I’m having trouble getting my phone to enter download mode. I just got through the 1st cmd prompt section. I don’t think the phone’s rooted yet and it definitely isn’t bricked. For some reason it’s just not entering download mode. Any help?

  173. Donlonte Faithwalker Themes says:

    Have any one tried this on lg g4?

  174. Xele says:

    After upgrading firmware to 10d, step 11 no longer works. It just drop back to # without any action.

  175. gdanko says:

    What if I am not using Windows?

  176. Jim James says:

    I have an lg l bello D335.its updated to lollipop,now i can root it.
    how to root it ?

  177. JP Missouri says:

    Uhhh… it cant find my device on step 7 with adb devices and that messes up the whole process

  178. Ryan Laster says:


    • DJ_Jannu says:

      it works !!! finally i made it after 2 days of testing and damaged walls 😀 thx for the great tip @25cent:disqus

  179. Richard McElhaney says:

    I have a lg flex and the software versions on it is 4.4 the kit kat how do i upgrade it to the lollipop 5.0 it says i meet minimum system requirments but when i go toup grade it it says im not compatiable

  180. DaanCore says:

    my smarthfone no esta en la lista

    LG León. mondelo:H320

  181. Sheikh Aadi Asghar says:

    Stuck on 11th step,
    When i type send_command.exe\.COM5 then the Command Prompt responds “Access is denied.”
    Please help me out.Thanks in advance.

  182. NT says:

    Followed every step correctly. Phone reboots but no root access.. Please help!
    Thank you

  183. Ezra Casas says:

    Wow, I just created an account just to comment oh here…
    THANK YOU! At first I was disappointed because it did not work. After reviewing the comments and comming to the conclusion that you did not mention a step, I went ahead and “risked” it. OH VIOLA!

    LG G2 LS980ZVG has been rooted, thank you!

  184. grunt0300 says:

    Great tutorial Max. Just wondering if it comes with TWRP, or do i have to flash it separately? Thanks for any help.

  185. Vâlytüñeed Ismail says:

    i rooted my lg g3 and after i rebooted my device the supersu wasnt installed 🙁 what should i do

    • Ryan DeVoe says:

      Im having the same issue. Everything goes fine during the process but upon reboot SuperSU is not there. Not sure what to do here

  186. Rau CobTor says:

    Thank U. The only one post that help me to root my LG G3 D855 lollipop 5.0! Thank you again for great explanation and links…

  187. Andreas Ebbert-Karroum says:

    Worked for me without a glitch. Thanks!

  188. Tom Dvorak says:

    Hello Max I have been checking out your excellent tutorials. I have spent days trying to get Lollypop on my Verizon i535 so that I can use it on Android Auto. I have tried a number of different tutorials all I have been able to do is soft brick my phone a number of times. I wonder if there is one generic set of instructions to go from a stock phone to one with CM12.1 booted up on Lollypop. What I would like to know is what type of files need to be installed and in what order. I can then search the procedures to install.

  189. Mitch says:

    Hi. I am getting an error at step 11 that says: System_Command.exe – System Error “The program can’t start because MSVCR100.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.”
    I have confirmed that the .dll file is in my System32 folder and restarted my computer to no avail. Can you please provide some guidance.
    thanks in advance.

  190. Kurt says:

    How do I do this on a Linux? I saw that there were linux files.

  191. Chuck Mann says:

    I have rooted successfully but my phone won’t update to the latest Android version….I was going to try installing stock firmware for the LG G Flex2 but having trouble finding it online. Any ideas where to look?

  192. JFL says:

    thanks! worked fine on my lg g2 5.0.2

  193. ryan shaq says:

    doing cd downloads and lg_root says the system cant find the path specified.and when doing adb devices says LGD722d468188a offline please help i,’ve tried so many root apps but none of them work.
    by the way has lollipop 5.0.2 and it is an lg g3 beat

  194. Mauricio Morales says:

    i tried it on my lg g3 and it didint work

  195. Faron the Falcon says:

    awesome! success!

  196. Finesse Lewis says:

    I’ve done everything exactly how it’s sited above. I have LG G3 D690 running 5.0.2 . When I checked for root it says my phone is still not rooted. Can you help ?

  197. lol says:

    when i open command prompt and type cd LG_Root it says the system cannot find the path specified

  198. Jon Griffin says:

    Keep having the same issue over and over again.. I have the AT&T LG G3 (850) running on Lollipop 5.0.1 and I follow all the steps to a T. After step 11, all I see is:
    ui_print *******************
    ui_print SuperSU installer
    ui_print *******************
    ui_print – Mounting /system, /data and rootfs
    ui_print – Extracting files
    ui_print – Disabling OTA survival
    ui_print – Removing old files
    ui_print – Placing files
    ui_print – Post-installation script
    ui_print – Unmounting /system and /data
    ui_print – Done !

    There is no inflating process as shown in the picture and my phone does not install SuperSU and does not get rooted.. I’m running the command prompt as Administrator and my phone is not encrypted… ANY SUGGESTIONS??

  199. phissith says:

    I like to know…I have H950 for At&t anyone want to give me a fair warning not to root it?? Please?

  200. Nick says:

    My G2 from Verizon is only recognized as an adp device if it is in (PTP) mode. Everything works fine until I manually put my phone into downloading mode. Once it is on the “firmware update” screen, my computer no longer recognizes the device as an adb device. I can’t use the “ports.bat” function, and I can’t continue the process.

  201. Sulaiman Salim says:

    how do i do this using mac? to be exact how do i do step 8 onwards on mac

  202. Moha1239 says:

    my verizon lg g3 goes through the whole process and it says “done” but when i reboot my phone it is not rooted i am running on android 5.0.1 and drivers are installed. Any help?

  203. Bob says:

    follow the steps exactly, and my phone still isn’t rooted. get rekt me 🙁

  204. Pollie says:

    Is there a way to root my LG G PRO 2 on Lollipop without a PC? because I have a MacBook…

  205. Tristan Romero says:

    idk y but my tmobile lg g3 wich I recently updated to lollipop wont root at all this is the 3rd method ive tried but it wont root can I get some help?

  206. Ty'Eira Marie Morrison-Osteen says:

    Successful root on LG US550 (LG Logos-US Cellular).

  207. Pemsiri Ranaweera says:

    Mine is LG G3 with Android 5.0. I did root it this way. If you are stuck at step 9 dont worry . Just continue with other steps as Instructed and you will be fine. It will be Rooted. Check with Rootchecker from app store.

  208. Jacek Strzelczyk says:

    Everything works fine! (5.0) 🙂

  209. Victor TN says:

    I have a Sprint LG G3, model LS990ZVA, running Android 5.0.1. Did everything exactly according to the instructions above. Everything worked exactly like the screenshots, and Supersu was installed on my phone, however, my phone is NOT ROOTED. I installed Root Checker and it’s showing that the phone isn’t rooted, root-required apps don’t work either. I’m at a loss, I’ve tried every rooting method I can find to no avail. I don’t want to wipe my phone, but I’m tempted to wipe it and downgrade so I can use stumproot.

  210. Zachary English says:

    When I check the ports for the G3 the I get a DIAG3 instead of a DIAG1. Is there a fix for this?

  211. SabreSeb says:

    Thanks alot, appreciate the work you put into this.
    I followed your instructions step by step and..surprise … it worked without any problem. Took maybe 5 minutes, and my Flex 2 is now ready for Xposed (hopefully this will work on the Flex 2^^)

  212. ImMrJazzified says:

    I followed all the steps and everything goes smoothly, but when I check the root with the “Root Checker Basic” app, it tells me that my phone has not been rooted. I have the D855 model running lollipop 5.0

  213. Sharath Raju says:

    Confirmed ,
    LG Magna / H502f root working!

  214. ClikFire _ says:

    you need to start including a method for mac users. becasue this is utterly useless to me. No offense. Thanks….

  215. Da Riusz says:

    Hi there! I’d like to root my G3 running lollipop 5.0 and this method seems great for me but I only have access to Mac OS computer? Any suggestions?

  216. Lonerwithaboner420 says:

    Computer won’t show ADB Devices in my device manager. Downloaded it from many different places. Also won’t ask for debugging permissions @ step 7. Help?

  217. Michael Greem says:

    I have LG G3 D855, I did everything you did and everything said successful but i have no SuperSU app on my phone, can anyone help?

  218. Alex Wallin says:

    Worked like a charm. Finally a method that worked for my T-Mobile LG G2 running on Lollipop! 😀

  219. Emerick says:

    It doesn’t work x) when i try the step 11. I have any download on the cmd. Who can help me?

  220. Shepherd says:

    10/10 (T-Mobile – D855 – 2GB Version) 100% Complete Win10.

  221. Brandon S says:

    Does anyone have any advice on rooting and LG G4 F 500S ?

  222. Mohsin Akhtar says:

    THanx dude 🙂

  223. Garshasb Gachpazzade says:

    how to unroot to get OTA update?

    • steve says:

      You don’t have to unroot to get ota’s only have stock recovery and rom installed. You will loose root after update. If you still don’t want roit, go into the super su settings and click on the unroot button

  224. marco tavares says:

    I did all procedures and worked well my LG g2

    Thank you so much

  225. tj says:

    how do we do this on mac

  226. Arsh Kumaran says:

    i tried to do it but the done thing did not come and my phone did not root…

    my phone is the g3 d722k

  227. alexaanderjones52301 says:

    doesnt work on all variants… vs985 nothing has worked so far..

  228. marco tavares says:

    works great thank you on lg g2

  229. Ethan Bradley says:

    I went through the whole process without any, trouble, but it didn’t root my phone. Nothing is different from before I started.

  230. bryan x says:

    i tried to root my g3 but and it outputs that it is finished but after it reboots, there is no supersu installer and the phone is not rooted. and based on the images above, it seems it has missing logs in its installation of supersu. please help

    • theoscat says:

      same issue here….. not sure why ?_?

      • jae says:

        same as me, anyone know the issue? i have verizon lg3

      • Jimr5467 says:

        Yep, same issue here as well. LG G3 ATT D850 Android 5.0.1. The required files are not extracted. I tried looking for the files on my device, but couldn’t find them. Thought if I could copy them over manually to the proper location, I could try again. Anyone know how to find the correct location on the device?

      • Martin says:

        Same problem on my Flex2 LG-H955 rev.1 build LMY47S version V15c-EUR-XX
        The required files are not extracted.
        I tried a hundred times, nothing works.
        As I looked directly via command on my phone there was no extraction folder, but all copied files via adb.exe.
        So I think the extraction on my device do not work.
        Any ideas to solve this problem? Thanks.

    • Polk Chen says:

      same issue…LG D850 5.02

      we miss the extracting files detail on the log.

    • Dewa Cabul says:

      same issue here

    • Hk Jeon says:

      Same issue here. I saw Done! but couldn’t see Supersu.

    • RaPaPPa says:

      Same issue have, Is there any solutions ??

    • Kesha says:

      I have the same problem. However, after repeating the process and leaving my phone connected longer before restarting it, SuperSU is in my app drawer. When I open it, though, I receive a message stating there is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. Any ideas on what can be done to get this working properly?

    • caro says:

      Having the same problem. Did you ever find a solution?

  231. Jamie Kitchens says:

    adb is not a recognized command. In other words, I cannot even complete step 1.

    Edit: I had to use . adb

    Edit 2: When I hold volume up and plug in the USB cable, it goes to the Firmware Update screen but remains at zero percent process. Nothing I do causes it to progress. I remove the battery and repeat the process, to no avail.

  232. Jasefacekhs says:

    Trying your guide on the LG G2, and i get to the firmware update screen. Is it supposed to take a while to even make it to 1%? the program you also have listed as an option is unable to find the port after reboot at 75% Then in step 9 i never see downloading all i see is download mode and then it goes to the firmware update screen where it never makes progress.

  233. Kyle Gagnon says:

    everything seems to have worked fine except nothing at all changed phone works as if i never touched it and i had to download super su and it says not rooted missing su binnary, anyine have this problem or now how to fix it

  234. Finalfan VG says:

    mine went through all steps successfully but it didn’t root

  235. Jacob says:

    i have tried this method on lg g3 d850 an nothing :<
    any advice ?

  236. HAYRANE says:

    Stop at this stage in LG G3S Beat lollipop 5.0.2

  237. HAYRANE says:

    Stop at this stage please help . LG G3S Beat lollipop 5.0.2

  238. bryam says:

    it didn´t work on my D851

  239. eric says:

    it worked today on my sprint lg ls990 thanks so much after looking all day and everyone wanting money you guys are the best thanks 🙂

    • paradisio says:

      It did? I ran through whole thing multiple times, get the done on last step, but when I restart no root access 🙁

  240. Luis Fernandez says:

    how do you open a command prompt from step 7???

  241. Herl says:

    Hi.. Do you have Custom ROM for G Flex 2?
    What is the Best so far for you?

    salamat 🙂

  242. Godfrey Madibane says:

    Hi. I am using LG G3. I don’t quite fully understand the basic reasons for rooting but it looks cool. My one reason to do it is because I want to use Android 5.1.1 on my G3 which is currently running on 5.0. can I do that ?

  243. Khizar Arshi says:

    Titanium Backup tells it has no root access…. shows some error.
    SuperSu asks for some binary crap… what to do? I’m using Tmobile G3 with lollipop 5.0.1
    I followed all the steps to success, but still without root access….. please help

  244. Joe Topping says:

    every time i do this tutorial it does root my phone

  245. Joe Topping says:


  246. awef says:

    This is a bad guide, not for newbies. You skip over steps you may think are trivial but will confuse new comers to rooting. Please make this guide more considerate to a wider audience.

  247. Vader Van Vlichtenstein says:

    sooooo. will this work with sprints 5.0.1 update? ive done this 3 times got trough it all the way but it wont root. just wondering if what one of the other users said about missing installation files compared to your command lines after the # sh command

  248. Siddharth Tandon says:

    After typing cd Downloads it says system cannot find the path specified

  249. Sin says:

    Awesome thanks it worked!

  250. Sin says:

    If anyone needs help I could be able to, well, help.

  251. Robert Garcia says:

    My PC wont run “Send_Command.exe \. COM3” because it claims that “MSVCR100.dll” is missing. I’ve searched through System32 to find it and I’ve found two copies so I know it’s there. The question is, how to get the command to run?

  252. Raulinn Maldonado says:

    How to root on 5.1.1

  253. Dustin says:

    Lg g3 d850 5.0.1…I can get all the way to step11, but when I copy and paste for supersu, nothing happens any thoughts?

  254. Cheli says:

    How to Update SU-Binary

  255. Landon The Noob says:

    This is the 4th method I’ve tried (VS985), all with the same result. Once I get to the last step, I get a simple FAIL message. Is this because I am running 5.1.1? Is there a method that will allow for 5.1.1 or do I hae to downgrade my software first? I’ve rooted successfully twice before, idk why it’s not working this time. (I like to mess with my phone a lot lol)

    • Ian Engel says:

      This is the same problem I’m having now. Is it because we’re running 5.1.1? I don’t know where the path is either to find out what file the command is referencing either…

  256. Steve Mills says:

    I’m following your steps, but when I disconnect USB cable my LGG3 and then plug it back in, computer does not recognize it because USB Tethering turns off and has to be manually switched back on, which I cannot do when the Firmware Update screen is on. The Firmware Update screen appears but does not update. I pulled the battery and turned on and all is good, but can’t get beyond this step. Any suggestions?

  257. Oaf says:

    Didn’t work. 0/10 – would not recommend.

  258. rr says:

    this is such a long-drawn method – just search for the 2-minute root process

  259. Denis Ungl says:

    nice, this worked. But for lg g flex 2 you have to hold volume down+power button to reboot your phone.

  260. Luca Staiano says:

    I can’t do step 9 🙁 when i press Volume up and i plug in the cable, my phone start charging.
    Please help me.
    LG G2

  261. Ruben Rodriguez says:

    Can anyone confirm that this works on the sprint variant of the LG g Flex 2?

  262. Muhammad Asad says:

    Hi Max Lee, Whats up Man, Please Update the download link of LG_ROOT. It’s not working on my Side. Thanks !

  263. AS118 says:

    Thanks! Seems to have worked for me, I found the SuperSU app.

  264. Sovichea Cheth says:

    I got this working on my LG G3 F400L, thank you

  265. Jeff says:

    Hi I just got a LG G2 and I get to step 11 and I past in the command and it does not look like it does anything. I do not get any messages saying that it’s inflating, it just returns another #. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks

  266. Arthur Kaylor Laukon says:

    Doesn’t work…. LG D851 (T-Mobile)

  267. Silvano González says:

    Hi, my phone (LG G Flex 2) stays on Firmware Update stays on Firmware Update at 0%, it seems it won’t reboot.
    Any help?

  268. Jonnyarlathotep K'haos says:

    Well i guess i should have read the comments section as i like everyone else here got “success” but then no root

  269. Ran Samo says:

    The method works for LG Leon H320 LTE. However, must add two precisations: first, your device must be in PTP mode (not MTP or only charge, they won’t work); second, the dowload link on this site is down.
    Beware: the installation may require a lot of time

  270. okorie nnamdi says:

    Can it work on LG G flex 2 that has android 5.1.1?

  271. Panagiotis Nanousis says:

    Will this work on lg g flex 2 Marshmallow? I dont know how to downgrade it ;/

  272. Pete Ondrik Jr. says:

    I need help.! I’m at the end of rooting my lg v20 I open cmd, type cd Downloads, when I type cd fastboot it says sytem cannot find the path specified..! PLEASE HELP ME MAX. I’ll do anything.!

  273. Kestrelhen says:

    When I try to run the Send_Command.exe \.COM24 , it just says error, (replaced com24 with com3)

  274. Kestrelhen says:

    If you’re having problems, try extracting all files into a new folder which you will afterwards name LG_Root and also extract supersu and place it in there as well. After that, try SHIFT + Right Click and then open command prompt here. It worked for me with the lg g flex 2 but it won’t show me the supersu app, trying to see if I have root right now.

  275. Strype says:

    When I run ports.bat, it says “Unable to find the specified registry key or value.” – I have been trying for 3 days to get this darn phone rooted, and no matter what, I always slam head first into some kind of major issue. I’m starting to think this phone is unrootable. 🙁 Anybody have any suggestions?

    I have an LG G2 (Verizon) VS9803aa 5.0.2

  276. LG says:

    I’ve LG G Flex 2 H955TR android 5.1.1 I wanna root my phone but it doesn’t work for root 🙁

  277. Warren Barnharrt says:

    I have an LG LS990 ZVC (Sprint). running android 5.0.1. After many attempts using one click routines and now this site. I have come to the conclusion that something in one the three files pushed in the first step cause the LS990 to block communication. After disconnecting the phone, pull battery and attempt to go into download the phone does not respond. I think the phone is headed for e-bay as a sprint phone.

  278. Ruben says:

    Did not work on Sprint LGG3, Never inflated files. Anyone else with same issue?

    LG LS990 Android 5.0.1, Security patch level 11/01/2016, Kernel Version 3.4.0, build LRX21Y, SOFTWARE V. LS990ZVG, SECURITY SOFTWARE V MDF v1.1 Release3

  279. Nik says:

    I’m Running 5.0 on D855. The process goes smoothly all the way. However it simply isn’t rooted after reboot. No SuperSu, and Root checker says “Your device isn’t properly rooted”. Anyone has an idea what is going on?

  280. Emilio says:

    Hi. I have problem in STEP 9. When i push Volume Up button and plug in the micro-USB cable my Gflex2 write : Secure boting Error

  281. Sascha says:

    Thats pretty cool !
    Thanx a lot for this… !!!!!
    Greetinx from Germany

  282. Aaron says:



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