How to Save $270 on Galaxy Note 7!


If you live in the U.S. and you are planning to buy the Galaxy Note 7, you may want to learn that you can easily save up to $270 on the brand, new Galaxy Note 7, which retails for $849.99, you will end up paying only $580 for this new smartphone!

Samsung is providing several different rewards for pre-order/orders made from August 3rd to 28th. (see  If you order your Note 7 during this period, you will have a choice between a Gear Fit 2 (valued at $179), Samsung Evo+ 256GB MicroSD (valued at $249.99), or 1-year of Netflix (valued at $120).  Obviously you will be able to get the best deal by getting the Samsung Evo+ MicroSD.

Now based on my experience with S7 Edge Samsung Promotions (which I got 1-year of Netflix + Gear VR = $200 off), the best rewards run out quickly.  So if you are 100% sure you are going to buy the Galaxy Note 7 this year, you will save up to $270 by buying it as soon as possible and getting these rewards.  My advice is to act quickly and order your Note 7 as soon as possible so you can be one of the first to sign up for the Samsung Evo+ MicroSD.

If you want to get some cash out of it, you can re-sell your MicroSD on eBay and get your money back too.    There’s also $20 Samsung Pay you will get credited once you use Samsung Pay once for a total of $270 off.

Many of you probably already know about this deal but just in case you don’t, act quick and only pay $580 for the brand, new Galaxy Note 7!


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