HTC One M8 Unboxing! [UNBIASED]


Thinking about getting an HTC One M8?

Well, I just got the brand, new HTC One M8, here’s a video unboxing of it.  For the record, I did not read any reviews or specs, I skimmed most of the reviews, so I didn’t know anything about the specs of the phone before unboxing to keep it “unbiased”.

My first thoughts on the HTC One M8?

HTC has done a terrific job of actually listening to customers by adding cool features like removable micro-SD card slot, smoother lines, and keeping the speaker loud and full of bass.

Anything missing?  I feel HTC could have easily added 4K video recording (which is available on the rival Galaxy S5) but then again, this would totally depend on whether you have a 4K TV or not.  Otherwise what’s the point of having 4K video if you cannot replay it on your TV?

Also, many flagship phones are going fully waterproof with IP67 rating.  Although HTC One M8 has some sort of water rating, it’s nowhere near waterproof as rivals like Galaxy S5 or Xperia.

Overall though, I am very satisfied with HTC One M8.  One of the better things about HTC One is that they are more or less open the open-source community starting with the original HTC One, while companies like Samsung are going backwards with their locked bootloader on Verizon/AT&T along with KNOX b.s.

Also, the HTC One M8 I got was the “Unlocked” version which I ordered straight from HTC’s website.  This unlocked version works on both U.S. AT&T and T-Mobile 4G LTE networks, which means AT&T and T-Mobile users no longer have to buy a subsidized phone from their carriers and get the unlocked version, which comes with unrestricted tethering out of the box plus it’s unlocked SIM, meaning you don’t have to spend another $20-30 at to get it unlocked.  (Tsk, Tsk, Samsung should learn from this, stop being EVIL and make every dollar from the consumers.)

I should have a full review on the HTC One M8 and a comparison also with the latest Galaxy S5, so stay tuned!

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