HTC One X Review – Best Smartphone Camera with Continuous Shooting

Honestly, after using the HTC One X for a week, I wasn’t so impressed that it had the fastest quad-core Tegra 3 processor nor the fact that battery life was most miserable out of all my Android smartphones.

But what impressed me the most was its continuous shooting mode.  In fairly good light, you can capture some of the most interesting photos you can’t otherwise with another smartphone.  It’s continuous shooting mode is built in to the One X phone so it gives you full 8 megapixel photos at 4fps and up to 20 continuous photos, which is about 5 seconds of continuous shooting.

And yes, there are apps that allow you to do similar things on other Android smartphones but face it, this feature is built-in to the HTC One X through hardware, not just a software gimmick.

And the end result?  Is the ability to capture great shots of sea gulls eating anchovy I threw at him with my left hand while taking photos with my right hand.

As far as the camera on the HTC One X goes, it’s certainly a feature I couldn’t live without. In fact, HTC One X is a great camera nevermind a phone, even my point-and-shoot Canon ELPH300HS can’t do this.

Check out some of the photos I was able to shoot with this phone in the video below:

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