Is iPhone X Faster Than Galaxy S9?

In this special video, we take Apple’s latest flagship iPhone X versus Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S9 to see which one is faster using Antutu benchmark. Which one is faster?

For CPU, Galaxy S9 wins with score of 91,584 vs. iPhone X score of 56765, almost double the CPU performance!

For GPU, Galaxy S9 wins with score of 94,116 vs. iPhone X score of 72758.

For UX, iPhone X wins with score of 72759 vs. Galaxy S9 58,009.

For RAM, iPhone X wins with score of 15,234 vs. Galaxy S9 9202.

Overall, the Galaxy S9 does a better job at CPU and GPU, probably the most important factor in how fast a smartphone is.

If you have an iPhone X or Galaxy S9/S9+, please post your Antutu benchmarks in the comments, thx!

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Max Lee

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