LG G Flex 2 Circle Case Review!


For those of you looking for a good case that adds additional functionality to your LG G Flex 2, definitely check out the G Flex 2 Circle Case.

This case will replace your existing case on the G Flex 2 and add a protective cover with a circle.  Similar to Galaxy series S-View cases, the Circle Case allows you to use your phone without opening/unlocking your phone.

What is the purpose of this?

Having such a case can save you some good amount of battery life, especially when you talk on the phone as you won’t have to use the full power of your screen when answering calls, checking time, checking SMS messages, and more.  Compared to my Note 4 S-View case, I really dig the G Flex 2 case as there are actually a handful of 3rd-party apps you can install to make it even more functional including some games, notification apps, and more.

The case itself also does a great job of protecting your screen (without using bulky tampered-glass screen protector) while in your pocket from unwanted scratches and the front cover is made up of woven material, deterring any fingerprints of any kind.  Also I really like having the circle cut out instead of having another layer like the S-View case, which eliminates additional grime.

Overall, this is a great case for those of you who want to add extra protection along with hidden circle features on the LG G Flex 2.  And yes, all LG phones have compatible circle apps so we may see more development in the future with newer LG phones also.

You can get this here:

LG G Flex 2 Circle Case – Silver, Red

Also available for other phones like LG G3.

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