LG G3 vs. Galaxy S5 Camera Comparison!


Today, we will be looking in detail of LG G3’s Laser focusing technology in comparison with Galaxy S5 Phase Detection system.

First, let’s take a look at some of burst shots I took with my LG G3 and S5.

Here’s burst mode on LG G3: (You can click on the photos to enlarge!)










Here’s burst mode on Galaxy S5: (You can click on the photos to enlarge!)














As seen with burst shot mode on LG G3 and Galaxy S5 here, you can see that LG G3 captures much better detail. I’ve actually took multiple shots but LG G3 always ended up with crisp, clear shots while Galaxy S5 had hard time focusing on the foreground.  You can capture some really amazing crisp, clear action shots with the G3.

I would say this may be on par or better than my Canon 7D DSLR. I should actually have a comparison video on that soon.

Now let’s talk about camera sensor size.  S5 has 16MP camera with F2.2 and camera sensor size of 1/2.6″ or 0.385 inches while G3 has 13MP camera with F2.4 and camera sensor size of 1/3.06″ or 0.327 inches.  Comparing the specs, S5 wins in all categories with higher numbers of megapixels, aperture, and sensor size.

Reality tells a different story though, the LG G3 laser auto focus may actually help you get better focus and photos regardless of its specs.  LG G3 uses laser auto focus technology which gives you around 0.276 seconds autofocus time while Galaxy S5 uses Phase Detection Auto Focus system, which gives you around 0.3 seconds autofocus time.

Now, that doesn’t sound like a lot but there’s also more to it than just speed.  LG G3’s laser auto focus allows user to accomplish perfect pin-point focus on their subject, especially when their are moving, or your hands are shaking.  This may be the reason why LG G3 performs much better for burst shots and any objects that are moving.

Next, let’s do some low-light comparisons, which is probably most important in showing how well a camera performs.  S5 should perform better as it has a faster lens with F2.2 vs. F2.4 on G3 and 15% bigger sensor.  But in reality, laser focusing does work better and you will be able to capture better photos in low light.

Here’s an example of macro shot with slightly shaky hands in low light, LG G3 was able to focus much better than the S5. I even took 10 of these shots to be sure.

LG G3:


Galaxy S5:


Next, I took a quick shot of my LG washer in my garage in almost complete darkness.

LG G3:


Galaxy S5:


You can see that clearly LG G3 performs better than the S5.

Here’s another shot of my graphic designer Peony in low-light. If you zoom in to the face or the 2014 numbers, G3 is much

LG G3:



Galaxy S5:


Next, I did another test with Peony moving her hand.


LG G3:



Galaxy S5:


After doing many shots, LG outperformed S5 every time. Auto laser focus really helps when there’s any moving objects.

The laser auto-focus does work. Your shaky-hand shots, shots on a moving subject, or shots from a moving subject such as car or boat will all look better with the LG G3. In low light, you will be able to capture better photos in general.

Whether you suck at taking photos (because you still don’t know how to use focus on your smartphone camera), OR you are professional photographer who want a smartphone camera that can give you the best photos, LG G3 really hit the nail on the coffin by delivering better auto focus technology over everyone else.

In my opinion, “Right now”, LG G3 has the best smartphone camera period. So, definitely take a look into LG G3 if you are thinking about getting a new phone and camera is an importance to you.

I did also do a test video in 4K for both LG G3 and Galaxy S5, you can check them out in description below or hit these buttons.

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