LG G5 Review! – Top 8 Reasons to Buy LG G5!


For those of you who are thinking about getting the LG G5, here’s the top 8reasons why you should buy LG G5.

First and foremost, if you want to have two back cameras, one primary and other super wide-angle, the LG G5 is definitely the way to go as it offers you a wide-angle camera usually found on much bigger DSLRs/mirrorless cameras.  The primary camera on LG G5 already keeps up with cameras on other flagships like the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge and by having additional wide-angle camera, you will be able to take photos otherwise not possible (such as taking a wide-angle shot from the top of Great Wall in China).

Second, if you need to best microphone on a flagship smartphone this year, LG G5 has the best microphone that I’ve tested.  While Samsung went backwards with water-proof design that made their microphone unusable from far away, LG has done a terrific job of improving upon LG G4’s less-than-stellar microphone.  When using the LG G5 in windy situations or in crowded loud environments, the microphone performs top-notch, better than every flagship phone this year.

Third, if you absolutely need removable battery and you want a the world’s first modular smartphone (that can be upgraded with new hardware modules), LG G5 is definitely the way to go as all other flagship smartphone have internal batteries.  While the LG G5’s battery on a single charge falls short of its competition, the fact that users can carry 1 or 2 extra spare batteries and swap them out makes it practical for people who don’t like to hug the wall.

Fourth, while Samsung has removed its IR blaster from their new phones, LG has kept this neat little feature for all of us couch potatoes who appreciate being able to use one device to control everything in their house.  May be not a big deal for some but this may be very useful for those of you who use TV or AC often.

Fifth, LG G5 comes with latest USB Type C along with Quick Charge 3.0 support and USB-C 3.1 specification which allows it to have higher read/write speeds when using USB Type C devices like USB OTG.  (See our USB OTG Test here.)

Sixth, LG G5 has a fingerprint sensor on the back of the device and also can be unlocked without having to press the Power button just like Nexus 6P.  In my opinion this is superior to having on the front as you can quickly unlock your phone with one hand while having it on the front is cumbersome and usually requires two hands in awkward positions like using your phone in bed.

Seventh, LG G5 is easily rootable and will have great custom ROM support for those of you who don’t like LG UI.  There also will be full support for CyanogenMod ROMs since it’s based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 820.  While Samsung has decided to shut down the root community for its U.S. customers by locking the bootloader on all U.S. models, LG has not gone astray.

Eighth, price has been steadily falling for LG G5.  While it was introduced for $599 retail at launch, you can grab an international GSM LG G5 for just $420-430 on eBay.  Why buy a non-flagship phone like OnePlus 3 when you can actually buy a flagship phone for about the same price?

Of course, there are also reasons to not buy this phone but we will have another review on that soon so stay tuned!

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