LG G8 First Look & Antutu Benchmarks w/ SD855!

LG G8 First Look and my first impressions/thoughts! I’ve also included Antutu benchmarks w/ the latest Snapdragon 855 so you can get a feel of how fast this new phone is. Hand unlock using vein patterns along with air gesture controls is AMAZING in my opinion since no one else is doing it. LG is always a few years ahead of everyone else in terms of innovating, look at wide-angle cameras, LG had it first. What do you think? Do you prefer in-display fingerprint sensor, rear fingerprint sensor, and/or hand unlock?

The new LG G8 can be unlocked with your hand held 6-inches away from the screen almost like magic unlike any other smartphone.  This is thanks to its new Z-camera that can read vein patterns on your hands using infrared laser. Today, we will be taking a quick look some of the features on the LG G8.

The LG G8 ThinQ smartphone will feature latest Snapdragon 855 processor, 6 gigs of RAM, 128GB of internal storage along with up to 2TB of microSD.

The LG G8 comes with Z camera that reads your vein patterns to unlock the phone using your hand! There is also air gesture controls which LG is bring a new type or Air Gestures similar to what Samsung did a few years back except it is much more advanced allowing you to really get that hands-free experience.   Depth of field or Portrait mode now can be used with video recording.

Crystal sound OLED is a new sound technology announced at CES 2019 for LG Smart TVs to turn the whole LCD into a speaker.  Well, LG has brought the same technology to latest LG G8. While I did not find the Crystal Sound OLED to be outright amazing in my short time with the LG G8, it does offer bone-conduction for improving call clarity in noisy environments.  Upon applying slightly more pressure from phone to my ears, I could really hear the difference as call sound was noticeably louder. While Crystal Sound OLED may be very good for giving the G8 better stereo performance, it will definitely be great enhancement for bone conduction to give you clear sound in noisy environments.

Overall, LG G8 seems pretty darn impressive with unlocking feature that no one else is working on and I should have a full review/analysis after trying the phone for a few weeks.

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