LG V10 vs. Galaxy Note 5!


LG V10 has been announced and is it better than the Galaxy Note 5? Let’s find out!

First, LG V10 and Note 5 both have 1440P screens. While the LG V10 has IPS LCD, the Note 5 has AMOLED screen. Of course, don’t forget LG V10 comes with a secondary screen on top of the phone while the Note 5 comes with a pressure-sensitive screen that allows for super accurate writing/drawing with its S-Pen. In terms of what you get, notifications/shortcuts versus life-like notebook, the Note 5 certainly wins in the display category nevermind AMOLED screens are about 20-30% brighter than IPS LCD.

Second, the LG V10 comes with Snapdragon 808 processor with 4gigs of RAM while the Note 5 has Samsung’s own Exynos 7420 processor also with 4gigs of RAM. In terms of processing power, the Note 5 is certainly 20-30% faster in terms of RAW performance so I would have to give performance to the Note 5.

Third, LG V10 comes with a fingerprint sensor and a power button both located on the back of the phone while Note 5 has its fingerprint sensor on the home button. In terms of ease-of-use, I would have to say that the LG V10 wins over the Note 5 for better fingerprint sensor placement.

Fourth, Note 5 comes with Samsung Pay, which is capable of both MST and NFC, meaning it can be used in more credit card readers than Android Pay. Since LG V10 only has Android Pay which only support NFC-capable card readers, we will have to give this to the Note 5.

Fifth, the LG V10 comes with microSD card slot and removable battery, one of the main advantages of using Samsung Note phones that have been removed with latest Note 5. As an avid fan of microSD card slot and removable battery, there are just physical limits with what you can do on a Note 5. For example, it’s impossible to record hours of 4K videos on it as you will either run out of space or battery life. In that sense, the LG V10 is more versatile phone for power users so LG V10 wins for having microSD card slot and removable battery.

Sixth, LG V10 comes with F1.8 camera along with manual mode for still shots and video recording while the Note 5 comes with F1.9 camera along with manual mode for still shots. Both cameras should be fairly equal in terms of still camera performance as LG V10 has the same camera as LG G4 but since LG V10 comes with manual mode for video recording, this should end up in better videos than the Note 5. While the differences between the cameras are not too far off, we will give this win to the LG V10 for having extra manual mode for video recording.

Seventh, LG V10 comes with a whopping 3 microphones with 32-bit DAC and directional microphones plus noise cancelling while the Note 5 comes with 2 microphones and has the best noise-cancelling microphones in the market today. Although LG V10’s microphones look so much better than the Note 5, what looks on good paper doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the same in real life. Although we will have to do real life testing, for now, we will call this a draw since Note 5’s microphone has been proven while LG V10 has all the specs that look very promising. We will have full comparison of these two microphones eventually.

Eighth, LG V10 also comes with IR blaster for using your phone as TV remote while Note 5 simply doesn’t. Even now, I tried to use my Note 5 as TV remote by accident and realize how important this feature is and LG V10 definitely wins for having an essential everyday feature.

Ninth, both phones features Quick Charge 2.0 while only Note 5 supports fast wireless charging. Note 5 wins for having more charging options.

Both phones features 3000mAh battery, mono speakers, and Android 5.1.1 Lollipop software.  The LG V10 measures at 6.28×3.12×0.34 inches 192 grams while the Note 5 measures 6.03x3x0.3 inches 171 grams.  While they are both nearly the same size, the Note 5 is slightly shorter, narrower, thinner, and lighter.

Overall, if you absolutely need S-Pen features, best performance, wireless charging, and proven camera in the real world, the Note 5 is the choice. On the other hand, if you don’t need S-Pen, you are willing to buy an aging 808 processor at the end of the year at flagship prices, you want to have micro-SD/removable battery option, and you want the best video camera on a smartphone with manual controls, the LG V10 is the better choice.

I should have a comprehensive comparison videos once I get hands on the LG V10.

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