LG V20 In-Depth Unboxing!


I got to play with the LG V20 for a full day and I have no doubt in my mind this maybe one of the best “phablets” of the year, especially if you are looking for a big smartphone that can do it all.

No, it’s not waterproof but it doesn’t blow up.

In my in-depth unboxing, I go through many of my favorite features about the LG V20 after using it for about a day.  To sum it up, I really dig the wide-angle camera setup for both front and back camera.  The LG V20 has two cameras on the back and one camera on the front that can also do wide-angle.  Not everyone needs this feature but for those of you who take a lot of selfies or like to take photos in small spaces, the wide-angle is a killer feature.

The LG V20 is also very-focused on giving users pro-consumer level video recording with full video manual mode.  While this may look like the one found on Galaxy Note 7, it is actually more sophisticated with extra controls like focus peaking, which is essential to video makers.

This phone is also the official “Nougat” phone, first smartphone to launch with Android 7.0 Nougat.  I noticed this had drastic improvement in performance and battery.

Overall, the LG V20 has the best of last year’s LG V10 along with most of features found on the LG G5.  I should have a full review soon but for my first impressions, it’s definitely a go.

The unboxing video above is about 20 minutes long and if this is too long for you (perhaps you’ve watched a dozen unboxing videos already), you can use the timeline below to watch features in-depth:


01:10 Start of LG V20 Unboxing
02:30 H3 B&O Headphone Unboxing
04:00 Close-up Hardware Tour of LG V20
05:15 Details into LG V20 Hood/Back Cover
05:50 LG V20 Power-up & Feel
06:16 Fingerprint sensor speed test
06:45 Size Comparison LG V20 vs. Galaxy Note 7
07:29 Close-up of bottom, sides, camera hump
07:54 Close-up of Quality Issues
09:17 LG V20 Camera Tour, Wide-angle camera demo
11:04 Back Camera wide-angle comparison of LG v20 vs Galaxy Note 7
11:29 Video Manual Mode Demo
12:19 Focus Peaking Demo
13:25 HD Audio Recorder
14:05 Android 7.0 Nougat – The Nougat Phone
14:53 H3 B&O Headphone Sound Test & Hi-Fi Quad DAC Test
16:05 Battery Life?

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