LG V30 – Stuff You MUST DO After Buying!

In today post, we will go into depth on stuff you MUST DO after buying the LG V30.  Now, there are many features of the LG V30 that you may have overlooked so let’s go through some of the basics.

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1. 360 VR Wallpaper

LG V30’s one of biggest features is the 360-degree VR wallpaper.  There are about 20-30 free VR wallpapers you can download from LG and boy, this is WAY better than Google Pixel 2’s new wallpaper in my opinion.

The Las Vegas wallpaper is clean and you will be able to enjoy the strip in 360-degrees.


2. Display Size

Default item sizes are very big on the LG V30 for its large screen size.  Set the item size smaller and you will be able to enjoy your phone more.

3. Calibrate Screen

Don’t like the screen colors, customize to your liking.

4. Customized Image for Always On Display

Did you know you can set customized image for your Always On Display?  Customize it with your kids or pets.

Choose the last one with image option.

You can also set Always On Display to turn off at night to save battery life when you are sleeping and also set it brighter to enjoy it more.

5. Mini View

Using your phone one-handed?  Enable Mini View and you will be able to easily shrink the display to the right or left simply by dragging the home button left of right.

For right handers, this will work great when trying to use the LG V30 with one hand.

6. Screen Saver

Set your screen saver to your photos on Google Photos or even to music player like Pandora while your phone is docking or charging.

Here’s my New York Times Square photos being displayed.

7. Adjust Keyboard Height

LG invented the keyboard height a few years back with the LG G4.

Make sure to adjust the keyboard height as you can type much easier.

8. One Handed Keyboard

Enable One-handed operation to enable one-handed keyboard that will shrink to the right or left by simply swiping left or right on the keyboard.

With a shrunk keyboard, it is easy to type with one hand.

9. Voice Unlock

Did you know you can unlock your phone with your voice?  Set a custom voice so you can easily unlock your phone with your voice.  Not the most secure method but the feature is there and LG V30 has it.

10. Shortcut Keys

Enable shortcut keys to quickly access your camera when screen is off by tapping the Volume Down twice.

This allows for quick access to the camera.

Tap the Volume Up button twice when screen is off to quickly jot notes down just like Galaxy Note 8’s off-screen memo feature!  I love this as I use it for my grocery shopping list all the time.

11. Customize your Buttons

You can re-arrange your navigation buttons in any way you like.  Also, you can add screenshot button to quickly take screen shots.

When taking screenshots, you will be able to easily draw over your screenshot, resize it, then share to your favorite social network faster than lightning.

12. Night Mode + Black & White Mode

Night mode is called “Comfort view” in LG V30.  Schedule it to turn on at night so your eyes won’t be strained and also black & white option is hidden here.

By running your phone in black & white, you can save 2-5 times more battery life.  Use it when you run out of battery life.

13. Smart Settings

Lastly but not least, use Smart Settings so your bluetooth and WiFi will turn on automatically when you are home or away.

You can also set your favorite app to automatically turn on when you use your headphones or your bluetooth headset.  This is great way to have Pandora turn on automatically when you enter your car.




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