LG V40 4K Cinematic Camera Test! [AMAZING Wide-Angle/Telephoto]

In this video, I take the LG V40’s 3 back cameras to the edge of the world to test out its normal, wide-angle, and telephoto cameras. It turns out the wide-angle and telephoto cameras can be VERY USEFUL in situations like mine at the edge of a cliff. Enjoy and don’t forget to hit the thumbs up/subscribe if you enjoy the video, thx! NOTE: Please watch in 1440P or 4K if possible, YouTube rendering is horrible and you may otherwise see artifacts(that I don’t see in my original video).

All shots in this video were taken with LG V40 back camera(one of the 3) except the drone shots in the beginning of the video that was taken w/ Mavic 2 Pro. Note: The wide-angle really helped me get some good shots of the cliff without falling off and also the telephoto really helped in getting shots of the paragliders, seal, and cliffs. P.S. I should have a behind-the-scenes video also explaining how I shot this video in detail so you can also maximize your smartphone to the fullest.

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