Moto X Pure 4K Cinematic Video Camera Test!


Here’s 4K cinematic video camera test with my new Moto X Pure (same as Moto X Style). It has no manual focus for video recording. The auto focus is not bad but fluctuates and gets confused, something that could have been eliminated with manual focus. But the video stability is EXCELLENT over phones with OIS as it does not have wavering effect like the Note 5, G4, OnePlus Two. If Motorola can add manual focus, this could be the best 4K video camera on the market.

Other than the camera fluctuating at times due to having no auto focus, the 4K video recording is excellent on the Moto X Pure and I think it’s actually better than Note 5, LG G4, and OnePlus Two when using a stabilizer (like tripod, camera sliders) even though it has no OIS.

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  1. Zack says:

    Hi Max, dis you try the HDR in 4K Video Mode?
    Also, would you know whether the Cinema 4K App works on the Moto X Pure?
    Thanks in advance.

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