Nexus 5 DROP TEST with a CruzerLite Case!

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It seems to me pretty obvious that the Nexus 5 screen will crack if you drop it without a case.  So to prove the point, I did a drop test of my brand, new Nexus 5 with a CruzerLite case, which I have been using for many of my other Android devices and it protects your phone well, especially the screen.

As you can see in my test results, having a good case on your Nexus 5 can certainly survive many, many drops and even spinning drops.  You can easily protect your $400 investment with a $12 case so definitely get a case for your Nexus 5 so you don’t end up with a cracked screen.

You can get Nexus 5 CruzerLite cases here or on  I find these CruzerLite cases are worth the extra dollars over similar cheaper TPU cases.  There’s a difference between cheap TPU and CruzerLite, the cheap TPU will feel soft and like silicone material while CruzerLite TPU feels much harder and durable with a big lip to protect your screen.

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