OnePlus 5T vs. Pixel 2 Low Light Camera In-Depth Review!

In this low light camera review, we compare the #1 smartphone camera Pixel 2 vs. OnePlus 5T testing out its low-light capabilities from sunset to complete darkness.

The results?

I was actually rather surprised at how well the OnePlus 5T kept up with Pixel 2, especially in being able to expose highlights correctly just like Pixel 2.  In fact, OnePlus 5T may be in Top 5 cameras out this year if exposure was the priority.  Where OnePlus 5T falls apart is in having no OIS(Optical Image Stabilization).  While 5T does have EIS(Electronic Image Stabilization) in its specs, in reality I believe EIS is only used for stabilizing videos and since EIS works by cropping your photos/videos, it doesn’t really help much for photos even if 5T did use EIS.

In most of the photos, you can see that the Pixel 2 photos are taken at much lower ISO, meaning it will capture more details and less noise.  Pixel 2 in my opinion has the best stabilization on a smartphone this year as it uses both OIS and EIS.  Considering Pixel 2 is the best smartphone camera out this year and costs almost twice more than 5T, the OnePlus 5T kept up well, even beating Pixel 2 in a few shots.  Overall, the Pixel 2 is still the better camera but 5T is impressive especially in exposing bright lights correctly, a feature traditionally only found on Pixel phones.

Of course, these are my opinions but you can download the original photos and judge yourself.   Feel free to leave your thoughts below, thanks!

P.S. You may be able to get a bit better performance by using the Google HDR+ Camera.  In my opinion, having no OIS hurts the most and the results still may be similar.

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